5 ways to relax after a hard week of work

In today’s fast paced world, it is important to remember to take the time to relax after a long week of work. What's even more important? Knowing that you’re ALLOWED to relax!

Brisbane's new leading salon: Paul & Paul Paddington

Written by Jessica Lunan

Sleek strand lovers rejoice! Brisbane is warmly welcoming the new, gorgeously glam Paul & Paul salon to Paddington. A truly indulgent escape where supreme customer service, luscious locks and mesmerising décor take centre stage.

7 things you need to stop to accept and love your body

How many of these things do you need to quit?

How many of these things do you need to quit?

Self-love and acceptance is the first step in finding true happiness. You have all heard it before and you know it’s true. But what you might not know is HOW to reach a level of self-love and acceptance. Here is a quick guide to help you get on track.

Follow these 7 tips and you will be on that road to happiness in no time!

Stop letting the scale number or clothing size define you

Every woman is a different shape and size and every woman is built differently. Height, muscle and many other factors go into how much you weigh, so don’t let that scale number bring you down. It is the same with clothing. A size 10 in one store could be a size 8 in another. Make sure to try on the clothes and decide how comfortable you feel rather than focusing on the size.

Stop hating on your body

We all have parts of ourselves that we dislike. Rather than putting your attention on that, look at the things you do like. Do you have amazing eyes? Do you love your legs? What is it about your body that you are proud of? Focus on those aspects and you will see your confidence skyrocket.

Stop bringing yourself down

Take time to notice when those negative thoughts are happening and actively do your best to change them into something positive. If you notice that it is only during particular activities or around specific people that you feel those negative thoughts, it might be time to make some changes and prioritise yourself first.

Stop comparing yourself to others

On a similar note, stop the comparisons. Whether it’s from the picture perfect Instagram or the girl you sit across from at work. Stop comparing yourself. It’s important to remember that you only see what these people allow you to see. You’re comparing yourself to an idea that you have and not to a person. Nobody is perfect.

Start celebrating your strengths and skills

Learn to know what it is that you are really good at and celebrate it. You will feel better thinking about the positive things you can do rather than something that you can’t.

Learn to compliment yourself

Don’t rely on compliments from others to feel good. Each morning look in the mirror and give yourself a compliment. It sounds cringe-y but the more you do it, the more confident you will become.

Know your worth

Finally, know your worth. Don’t let anyone make you feel less than what you are. Whether it’s a guy, a friend, or a co-worker- know your worth and how much you have to offer.

Start practicing these tips daily and you will soon be on the path of self-love and acceptance.

Words: Jade Byers-Pointer

'Great Hair, Designed Expertly': Amanda Hair Design

Written by Jessica Lunan

Are you craving a total hair refresh complete with a relaxing experience like no other? Amanda Hair Design is the one for you.


We’ve all experienced the unwavering desire to completely transform our look. Perhaps we’re searching for a confidence boost, new season rejuvenation or are in desperate need of a change; one of the easiest ways to do so is through undergoing a complete hairformation. But who can we entrust with our strands, knowing we’ll receive the results of our dreams? Introducing Amanda Hair Design, the multi-award winning salon dedicated to creating exceptional looks complete with an unparalleled customer experience.

Salon Director, owner and namesake, Amanda Oxley harnessed her unmatched colouring and precision cutting skills through her apprenticeship at London’s world-famous salon, Daniel Galvin. Having worked as an educator for the likes of Toni and Guy, as well as having big industry names coming across the seas to educate the team, it’s safe to say good hair days can happen everyday thanks to Amanda Hair Design’s combined 60 years’ experience.


Located on the Sunshine Coast, this edgy, London inspired salon is your ultimate escape from the daily hustle and bustle. From the moment you step inside, you’ll be pampered like a valued guest. The extra details such as chilled water in stunning crystal glasses, the latest magazines, heated, luxe reclining massage chairs and harmonious environment is what sets the salon apart from the rest.

With their tag line, 'Great Hair, Designed Expertly', you can rest assured that they will help you achieve gorgeous, glossy hair to suit you and your lifestyle. Each visit includes a free consultation to discuss your hair desires with your stylist to ensure the style is right for you. They'll also provide advice on the right aftercare products needed to maintain your new look everyday.


Whether you are after a dramatic lob, refreshing flaxen tresses or a bouncy blow dry, the salon has you covered. In addition, they also provide leading services in bridal hair, smoothing treatments and colour detox to ensure your strands shine to their full potential. Plus, with their in-house beauty therapist, Amanda Hair Design truly is your one stop destination for a total refresh and revamp.

For more information and to book your appointment at Amanda Hair Design visit and follow them on Facebook.

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A day in the life of Adore Beauty CEO Kate Morris

No two days are the same.


Kate Morris is the founder, CEO, and all round powerhouse of leading Australian online beauty boutique, Adore Beauty. After noticing that many women were intimidated to step thier manicured toes into department stores, Morris decided to create an online site in 1999 dedicated to all things beauty. Operating from her humble garage, Adore Beauty became Australia’s first online beauty boutique. Now with a mulitude of awards, thousands of customers and stocking over 160 renowned brands and 12,000 products, it’s safe to say Adore Beauty is truly on its way to world domination.

We caught up with Morris to talk her secrets of multitasking, what’s in store for Adore Beauty and a glimpse into the typical day of the mother and successful business babe.

How do you create space to allow wonderful opportunities to come into your life?

KM: I try and say “yes” as much as I can, particularly to things that scare me. I also try and make sure I allocate time to meeting new people and taking the time to listen to others’ stories. Challenges always lead to good things.

If you had to list only one thing, what is your secret to success?

KM: Tenacity. Once I set myself to achieving a particular thing, no amount of rejection and setback can stop me.

You’re a multi-tasking wonder, how do you keep it together and manage stress when it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day?

KM: Sometimes I find it’s best not to think about it. If you think about the enormity of the tasks ahead of you, it can be overwhelming. I just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Dory’s advice from Finding Nemo is pretty helpful: “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...”

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning, and the last thing you do before bed every day?

KM: Check my phone. It’s a really bad habit and I need to stop doing it.

What big plans do you have for Adore Beauty in the near future?

KM: I’m massively excited about some of the new brands we will be bringing on board this year, but I can’t tell you about them yet! Aside from that: world domination, obviously.

A Day In The Life of Kate Morris


7am: Alarm off, feed and change the baby (Esther, 10 months), drag Anna (6yrs) out of bed and make her breakfast. After breakfast, pack lunchboxes, and try and get Anna ready for school.

8am: Have the world’s quickest shower and throw on some clothes and makeup ready for work.

8.30am: Our amazing nanny arrives to look after Esther. Leave the house to do the school run.

9am: Get to work, check emails and to-do lists, try and prioritise my day so that I can get some important things (not just urgent things) done.

9.30am – 5pm: Each workday is different but usually will include some internal meetings, as well as getting out and about with lunch or coffee meetings.

5.30pm: Get home, wrangle the kids through bathtime and into PJs.

6.45pm: Read “Where Is The Green Sheep?” for the 300th time to Esther before putting her to bed.

7pm: Have dinner with partner and daughter.

7.45pm: Read books with Anna and kiss her goodnight.

8pm: Little bit of work, maybe just sending a few emails or doing some reading. I’m about to do the AICD Company Directors course and have a massive stack of pre-reading to do!

9.30pm: Watch a bit of mindless TV to rinse the work out of my brain. Loving “Billions” at the moment.

10pm: Bed.

To overhaul your skincare and beauty regime head to Adore Beauty now!

Beauty secrets of the biggest brands on the planet

These unexpected beauty secrets have been revealed by the world's biggest brands and we had to share them with you!

These unexpected beauty secrets have been revealed by the world's biggest brands and we had to share them with you!

Everyone has their own opinion on what is best when it comes to beauty products and regimes. Exfoliate at night to let your pores breathe, only brush your hair once a day to avoid damage, never use an alcohol based makeup remover... exetera exetera. But who should we believe?

One of Australia’s leading beauty experts, Kate Morris, CEO and founder of Adore Beauty, has worked with some of the world’s biggest beauty brands to find out their top secrets for beauty success:

Hannah Terrett, National Brow Artist at Benefit Cosmetics

This season it’s all about the most on-trend brow – the feathered brow. Regularly coveted on the runways of Paris, London and New York by the likes of Gigi Hadid and actress Lily Collins - this look is easy to achieve at home!

All you have to do is apply a micro-line pencil like Benefit’s Precisely My Brow in soft feathery strokes toward the top of the brow tail, working against the brow hairs in a teasing motion. Then for extra texture, go in over the top with the same pencil in a darker shade. Finish with a clear brow gel, set, and then brush upwards to get them looking extra full and fluttery and keep them in place all day.

Carly Rogers, Education Manager at Dermalogica

Pollution is the latest frontier in skincare, with studies showing that for every particle you see (e.g. dust), there are another 1 million that are small enough to enter pores! Not only that, but air pollution from traffic can increase pigmentation spots by as much as 20%. That’s why we created Daily Superfoliant which detoxes the skin from ageing pollution which is a new beauty trend beauty experts are trying to tackle to help your skin look youthful.

Nica Marcello, National Education Manager at Estée Lauder

Foundation is the base of most women’s makeup, so the best way to get the most out of your foundation is by incorporating skincare and primers. I love mixing our Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum into the Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation, as it gives skin a soft glow with staying power. For a matte finish, use a primer suited to your skin type and always end with a makeup mist.

Alphie Sadsad, International PRO Artist at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Double time your cleansing routine by investing in exfoliating grains like Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains then mix them with your cleansing oil to remove makeup and exfoliate in one action. Not only does this save time but it gives a deeper clean!

In addition to this I’m also obsessed with a bit of DYI hair chalk. You can do this by rubbing a bright shade of blush across the strands of your hair then set with hairspray. This will easily wash out with standard shampoo.

Robert Kovacs, Education Manager at ghd

If you suffer from split ends or dry, rough hair and have no time to treat try Advanced Split Ends Therapy from ghd. Apply about 50c of treatment from ends to roots after freshly shampooed and towel dried hair just like a conditioner BUT do not rinse it out. The heat from your hairdryer will seal your hair, protect and increase the shine… an instant miracle for a healthy glow.  

Bridget Noonon, Education Manager at Kérastase

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, but we often forget about looking after the health of our scalp! Scalp concerns such as sensitivity, oiliness, dandruff and hair loss can come and go with the seasons, or with stressful periods, so it’s important to visit your salon regularly to have a scalp health consultation with your hairdresser. Kérastase has a range of products that combats both the hair and scalp.

Michael Brown, Celebrity Makeup Artist at Inika

Fresh, glowing, natural skin is a common want amongst most women and this all starts with your foundation or BB cream application. To apply most effectively, imagine drawing a sun as a child, the round circle of the sun resembles the center of the face and the rays of light from the sun is the sweeping outwards application. This is the most effective way to add your base for a natural glow.

All brands are available at with free shipping. Adore Beauty is an authorised online stockist of each brand featured below.

Edwards and Co: Beautiful hair is an appointment away

Written by Jessica Lunan

What do you get when you mix Australia’s premium hair and beauty freelancers, award winning salons and leading style visions? The answer is winner of Salon Business of the Year 2017, Edwards and Co!

What do you get when you mix Australia’s premium hair and beauty freelancers, award winning salons and leading style visions? The answer is winner of Salon Business of the Year 2017, Edwards and Co

We know we’re not the only ones who’ve obsessed over the tousled tresses featured in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Always so perfectly coiffed, undone and styled, these pages have become our cut and colour inspo’s. What if we told you that the maestros who’ve created these lust worthy locks could work their magic on your strands? Introducing Edwards and Co, the award-winning hair agency whose innovative salons and talents are shaking up the Australian hair industry.

Established in 2013 by leading Sydney based colourist tycoon, Jaye Edwards, Edwards and Co is a creative hub housing Australia’s hair and beauty innovators. With 5 salons already dotted across the country from bustling Sydney to hipster Melbourne and even the picturesque Byron Bay, there’s no excuse for not treating yourself to the Edwards and Co experience.

What do you get when you mix Australia’s premium hair and beauty freelancers, award winning salons and leading style visions? The answer is winner of Salon Business of the Year 2017, Edwards and Co

In just a short time of operation, Edwards And Co have been thrust to cult-like status thanks to their unique salon concept, supreme customer experience, fashion forward services and defying education program. Awarded Salon Business of the Year 2017 and crowned Best Salon Design for both 2017 and 2016, it speaks for itself that Edwards and Co are leading pioneers who are disrupting the industry and being celebrated for it.

Not your usual salon, Edwards and Co are characterised by their sprawling, sun drenched warehouse studios where in house stylists and influential freelancers come together. This innovative concept allows renowned celeb fave freelancers, such as Byron Turnball whose portfolio includes Vogue Italia and Cosmopolitan, to call the salon home and operate their own business between projects. From celebrated hair artisans and makeup artists, to even home visits for weddings and events, whatever the treatment or service you’ll find it at the salons.

What do you get when you mix Australia’s premium hair and beauty freelancers, award winning salons and leading style visions? The answer is winner of Salon Business of the Year 2017, Edwards and Co

The beauty of Edwards and Co is that you can hand select stylists who are experts in a particular technique. Whether you’re after sherbet hues, blonde halo or lived in, flowing locks to rival the 70s, whatever your hair dreams, the artisans can create it. It’s no wonder that Edwards and Co are favourites to celebrities Pia Miller, Lara Worthington, Samara Weaving and Charlotte Best!

For more information and to book your appointment visit to and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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Farewell bad hair days with Telleish Hair Studio

Searching for a hairformation like no other? The secret is Telleish Hair Studio.

Searching for a hairformation like no other? The secret it Telleish Hair Studio.

It takes a lot of trust to put your locks in the hands of another person. For many of us our tresses are like a security blanket and letting go and stepping out of our comfort zone can at times prove difficult. Which is why when selecting a hairstylist, you not only want someone with talent and knowledge, but you want an artist. So where can you find such artisans? We’re excited to announce your hunt is officially over thanks to Telleish Hair Studio! As a young experienced team of enthusiastic and professional stylists renowned for their hairformations, you’ll be sure to find the perfect match.

Located in the trendy Bay Street of Port Melbourne, the award-winning salon provides the perfect space to refresh your look. After perfectly blended flaxen or platinum strands? Telleish Hair Studio has been voted one of Melbourne’s leading blonde salons, so you’re guaranteed to obtain knockout locks.

The salon has built a strong culture behind the integrity of their hair treatments. Director, Chantelle, or better known as the ‘Telle’ in Telleish, has a list of celebrity clientele singing their praises and she has even worked with Sass & Bide during New York Fashion Week.

Searching for a hairformation like no other? The secret it Telleish Hair Studio.

The whole team at Telleish Hair Studio are big advocates for education and believe that knowledge is the key to success. Not only do they attend the best training within the industry, but the salon also hosts regular internal learning sessions to make sure they are constantly improving their skills. This thirst for knowledge is what separates them from the rest.

As proud ambassadors of Olaplex, Telleish Hair Salon will be conducting an Australian and New Zealand Tour talking all about the process and benefits of the Olaplex treatment. If you are looking to transform your look or just want to treat yourself to a little slice of luxury then make sure to book your appointment today!

To find our more about the Telleish team visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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House of Maxx: beauty with a difference

Treat your skin from the inside out and outside in with House of Maxx.

Treat your skin from the inside out and outside in with House of Maxx.

Winter and dull skin tend to go hand in hand and the hundreds of half-used products filling our bathroom cabinets prove that we are always searching for that ultimate miracle. If you are not someone who treats your complexion regularly, you are due to be converted because your pre-winter regimen will thank you for it. Introducing House of Maxx, one of Melbourne’s leading skin clinics. With a belief that healthy skin comes from within, House of Maxx stands apart from many other clinics because of their strong network of support. By going back to basics of connection, they invest in their clients to ensure they're able to offer their expert advice across recipes and wellness plans.

The bustle of Melbourne will feel lightyears away when you step into the oasis that is House of Maxx. Found only a short drive south-east of the city in Armadale, the stylish and chic black and white interior is as effortless as it is cool. You will feel like you have stepped into a luxe heaven.

Treat your skin from the inside out and outside in with House of Maxx.

With their array of treatments available, the real showstopper is the focus on corneotherapy. This is where you can guarantee that you’re giving your complexion the attention it needs.

Corneotherapy is a relatively new approach to skincare that focuses on any problems apparent at the surface (such as redness or inflammation) that are caused by an immune response produced by deeper layers of skin. Because corneotherapy tackles the underlying cause by treating the outer layer, its practitioners refer to it as an “outside-in” therapy. Therapists work with your skin by treating it as an organ and providing the support it needs from the inside out.

With a strong belief that great skin comes from within, the clinic hosts a health and nutrition adviser on site who will analyse your diet and lifestyle to determine any internal aggravating factors. House of Maxx offers one hour long consultations with repeat visits (two hours total) that includes a detailed health history, analysis and wellness plan to help you reach your specific goals.

Treat your skin from the inside out and outside in with House of Maxx.

House of Maxx are also perfectionists when it comes to all things brows and lashes and offer many other treatments to help you feel your best. Bad brows be gone!

We all know about eating our way to better skin and really making sure we look after ourselves but sometimes we need that extra help. Give yourself permission to indulge and really treat yourself with the TLC your skin needs.

For more information visit and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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Words: Jade Byers-Pointer

Create pout perfection with VonBlü Cosmetics

Written by Jessica Lunan

It’s time to inject semi-matte magic into your everyday routine with VonBlü Cosmetics.

It’s time to inject semi-matte magic into your everyday routine with VonBlü Cosmetics.

Ask any beauty obsessed what the most challenging part about perfecting their makeup collection is, and after foundation the answer will be lipstick. We all desire a lasting addition that glides on beautifully, is hydrating, doesn't have unsafe ingredients and best of all, comes in a variety of shades suitable for every occasion. If you’ve been on the search for a lipstick that ticks all of the boxes then we are excited to announce your hunt is officially over! Introducing VonBlü Cosmetics, the beauty brand who will quickly become a part of your daily essentials.

Debuting in 2017, VonBlü Cosmetics are an Australian brand who are already taking the industry by storm. Deriving their name from the 18th Century military legend Gebhard Leberecht Von Blücher, VonBlü Cosmetics first collection of 12 irresistible semi-matte lipsticks have been titled Scandinavian names in honour of Von Blücher’s first service in the Swedish army.

As a 100% Australian made, natural and vegan company, these homegrown hero’s work on the premise of creating affordable, high quality products that inject a healthy boost into your regimen without the nasties. Plus, with all of their products not being tested on animals, you can rest assured knowing your perfect pout has a positive conscience and isn’t impacting our furry friends.

It’s time to inject semi-matte magic into your everyday routine with VonBlü Cosmetics.

A dozen shades to paint your every mood, what we love about VonBlü Cosmetics semi-matte’s is that there is a lippie that will take you from boardroom to the bar in one swipe. Their range of totally on trend, highly pigmented hues span from dusty nudes to classic reds. Whether you’re after an everyday tone, flirtatious pop of colour or vampy showstopper, there’s something for you.

We’ve all experienced the heart wrenching moment when we haven’t secured a lipstick lid properly and it runs throughout our handbags or worse, dries out! Thanks to their unique ‘pop’ lid your precious product will always be protected. Their sleek, chic packaging feels great while you apply and won’t go astray on your vanity or Instagram feed as your share your #BeautyEssentials.

What’s more, thanks to their unique blend of Vitamin E and natural oils, you’ll farewell the gritty texture of other mattes and say hello to a world of ultimate hydration and buildable colour with VonBlü Cosmetics.

VonBlü Cosmetics have an exclusive discount code to share with our Fashion Weekly readers! Visit and use the code VBXFW to receive 15% off your total order during May! Also, follow them on Facebook and Instagram. (valid until 31/05/17)

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