Svetlana Burckhardt spills on Valentine's Day beauty tips

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Are you looking to spice things this Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re single, taken or in an ‘it’s complicated’ relationship, we have the ultimate guide to making you look and feel your best on this loved-up day. We sat down with beauty leader, Svetlana Burckhardt from Eyebrow Experts to talk beauty tips and Brazilian waxing.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Why is it important for our readers to look and feel their best on this special occasion?

SB: You know for me it feels great when you make time to look beautiful and get all glammed up to impress or make an impression to the love of your life on Valentine’s day. This is the day where you communicate and be socially involved with the person whom matters to you the most on a date night.

You can get sexy all you want and spice things up a little. However, I just want to point out that the most important characteristic that you should gain and develop is for you to show and feel more confident and happier about yourself, like add a little more zest to your body in a way that will make you feel a lot sexier within.

As a beauty industry leader, what services are available for the ultimate makeover?

SB: Well in EyebrowExperts we can give you a total make over. We offer eyebrow styling and tinting; lash lift and tinting and we also do eyebrow styling for men as well. We do cosmetic tattooing like eyebrow feathering, eyeliner and lip tattooing. If you’re after a radiant facial glow, we recommend our IPL treatments as well as our latest HIFU treatments. We also offer teeth whitening so you could show off that dazzling smile to your date. I highly recommend our waxing options such as the 7-minute Brazilian waxing which will have you intimate ready. It also improves hygiene and will make you feel clean and fresh in your private area which also can make you feel more comfortable.

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Your beauty salon, Eyebrow Experts, specialises in the 7 Minute Brazilian. Can you tell us how you developed this waxing technique and why it’s a must try for Valentine’s Day?

SB: I was born in Uzbekistan and it’s a Muslim Country. Women in my place are very particular with cleanliness and hygiene among themselves, they look after their body really well. They always have beautiful eyebrows and most likely they take their body hair off as well as on the intimate area, so that’s where I was accustomed and grew up with that - it has been imprinted on me. I’m a very system and efficient type of person, so when I migrated to Australia 16 years ago, women here would do Brazilian for about 40-50 minutes and to me that was unacceptable, because it’s time consuming. For me, efficiency and quickness really matter especially for the clients because we have other things to do during the day. So that’s why I came up with and invented the 7-Minutes Brazilian Method. It is a unique technique that I have developed over the years of treating the Australian woman. I designed it to minimize the pain since this speedy treatment is completed in less time.

What should our readers do in preparation to the 7 Minute Brazilian?

SB: Have a nice hot shower if you can; this will open-up the pores and make waxing less uncomfortable. If possible, wash your bikini area shortly before your appointment. For waxing to be effective, your hair should be 1/8 to 1/4 inches long, depending on the thickness of the hair. If possible, do your own trimming prior to your appointment. Also, try not to rush to your appointment levels as this increases stress levels and caffeine should be avoided as it increases sensitivity. You might also like to take a pain killer as a precaution.

The big question …. does it hurt?

SB: As an aesthetician, this is a common question that our clients would usually ask. A Brazilian wax covers a very sensitive area, pulling out coarse hair by the root from our delicate skin, so generally there is pain involved. However, much of the pain that a client experiences depends upon the skill of the aesthetician providing the service; It is important for the client to be aware that a Brazilian wax should not be very painful, but she may experience minor discomfort. Other inexperienced aestheticians may apply the wax repeatedly in the same area, resulting in burning or bruising, and potentially scarring the skin. An experienced aesthetician, on the other hand, will be able to quickly remove the wax with the hair attached, causing the least amount of pain possible to the client in the process.

If someone hasn’t experienced a Brazilian wax before, why is it worth trying?

SB: As I have mentioned, you will be experiencing a slight discomfort or pain for first timers but if you’re interested or curious and wanted to give it a go that I tell you; “IT IS WORTH IT”, especially this Valentine’s Day if you want to get bold and daring or if you are spending quite a bit of time at the beach in a swimsuit, since you won’t have to worry about any unsightly hair peeking out when you are wearing less clothing.

What is your top beauty tip for Valentine’s Day?

SB: All I can say is spice it up! Spice it up! Spice it up! Hahaha. You know, be more fun and enjoy, always wear that smile not just on Valentine’s day but every day! Show more confidence and feel more beautiful inside and out. I cannot give a specific beauty tip since that would depend on you, on how you carry yourself and yeah a great massage from Yoni Massage would really help and I’ll be creating a blog for that you can check out.

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Do you have any special offers running in the lead up to Valentine’s Day at Eyebrow Experts?

SB: Yes, we do, you can purchase our available eBook “Confessions of a Brazilian Waxing Queen” and “The Ultimate Eyebrow Guide” which you can give to the love of your life as a gift along with chocolates and flowers, it’s really fun to read and you can purchase that one here, as well as if you want to do a home base business or for someone who would like to take it on a professional level we have our latest offer the 7-Minute Brazilian Home study package that I highly recommend. This package goes along with a student kit 7-Minute Brazilian waxing manual which is very handy for those who are interested in Brazilian waxing, plus the Ultimate Bonus of having the copy of my e-Book ‘Confessions of a Brazilian Waxing Queen’ and e-Book ‘The Ultimate Brow Guide’, which is very special to me with lot of pack and is really with tons of knowledge and value in it. You can purchase it here.

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