How to boost your skincare with a body care routine

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How to boost your skincare with a body care routine

As we head into the cooler months, our skin tends to dry out and suffer. Several factors contribute to this, from cold winds to dry heated air to hot showers stripping our skin of its natural oils. To keep your skin feeling smooth, it is important to combat this with a soothing and preventative body care routine.

Skin care and body care starts in the shower. As tempting as it can be on a cold morning, blasting the hot tap will strip your skin and lead to dry, scaly, sensitive skin. By all means, have a warm shower, but try to avoid the kind of heat that leaves your skin red, dry, and feeling tight. Your shower should be warm and soothing as you prepare yourself for the day or wind down before bed.

Just as we search for the perfect facial cleanser to suit our skin type, so should we use the best body wash to cleanse the day away and kick off our body care routine. Once in the shower, begin with a gentle, hydrating body wash. We love the natural body washes by OC Naturals, which are paraben-free and made with skin-loving plant-based ingredients.

OC Naturals body washes are natural and skin-loving.

If you are looking for the best body wash for dry skin, we recommend the OC Naturals Hydrating Coconut Creme Body Wash. This gentle, nourishing blend of organic Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, and Shea Butter can improve your skin’s hydration levels, and plant-derived Glycerin can aid in your skin’s absorption of moisture by pulling water into the outer layers of your skin.

Your skin may absorb hydration just fine but need some help locking this moisture in. If this is you, try the OC Naturals Moisturising Vanilla Ylang Ylang Body Wash. This is a moisturising body wash which can trap in moisture to help build your skin’s natural protective barrier, which is especially important in the cold, dry months. Organic Sunflower Oil, Brazil Nut Oil and Vanilla Extract combine to create a luxurious body care experience in the shower. The Moisturising Vanilla Ylang Ylang Body Wash also contains Glyceryl Oleate, a skin-loving ingredient that functions as an emollient, or a skin conditioning agent, which may help to moisturise your skin and keep it smooth and soft.

OC Naturals body washes are the perfect skin hydrating body washes for winter.

If you need your body skincare routine to give you that extra boost to wake up in the morning, we suggest trying the OC Naturals Rejuvenating Rose and Patchouli Body Wash. Organic Rose Water and Patchouli Oil create an invigorating experience, elevating your body care routine and leaving you feeling refreshed, while this paraben-free body wash also contains Glycerin and Glyceryl Oleate, bringing in the hydrating elements to make it a great body wash for dry skin.

The OC Naturals body washes are perfect to nourish your skin in winter.

Natural body care products are essential for nourishing your skin in the drier months, and your body care routine in the shower should be simple enough to stick to daily while also being a pampering act of self-care. We love the OC Naturals body washes, which are made with natural ingredients, paraben-free, and skin-loving, making them the perfect way to fine-tune your body care routine and upgrade your shower.

If, like us, brand transparency is important to you, you will love the comprehensive ingredient lists and safety data sheets displayed with each product, giving you confidence in choosing the right natural body and skincare for you.

To upgrade your skincare routine, find your nearest stockist of the OC Naturals body washes for dry skin. Boost your skincare with a luxurious and natural body care routine and never suffer from dry, sensitive winter skin again.

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