Nourish and hydrate sun-damaged skin this summer with Jurlique

Bikinis, espadrilles, glowing golden spray tans…who doesn’t love summer? But even the most UV-conscious sunless tan aficionados can’t avoid a bit of sun damage at this time of year. The harsh Australian sun, while perfect for those ’grammable beach snaps, takes its toll on our skin.

5 Must-Know Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Dry Skin

Treating dry skin is one of the hardest beauty tasks! Everyone experiences dry, patchy areas once in a while and it’s something you can’t hide with makeup. These 5 must-know tips below are so easy to follow and true life-savers.

Self Care Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Who says Valentine’s day is only for splurging on your other half! In this day and age where no one ever has time for anything, self-care should be everyone’s top priority and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spoil yourself and take some time to relax and unwind. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for you to go out and buy for yourself.

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Summer beauty tips you need to know

Summer. Think beach days, late nights and pool parties galore. But while there is no doubt it is the best season of the year, the sweltering temperatures and harsh conditions can wreak havoc on your skin and hair. Never fear, we’ve rounded up some of the best beauty tips and tricks for looking flawless all summer long.

The Best Lipstick For Dry And Sensitive Lips

With thousands of lipstick brands and kinds, it can be confusing what to purchase, especially if you have dry and sensitive lips. In this article, we’ll give you a few of the best lipsticks for dry and sensitive lips.

Hair Trend Report for Summer 2018/19

This season, amp up your mane game with inspiration from these top hair trends for summer 2018/19. Our friends at Franck Provost Paris have exclusively released this hair trend report so your locks can steal the attention all summer long! 

Eyebrow Expert Svetlana Burckhardt talks perfect brows

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Eyebrow Expert Svetlana Burckhardt has made it her mission to empower women by giving them great eyebrows along with training up passionate talents in the beauty industry. In this exclusive interview with Fashion Weekly, she gives us an insight into how she turned her struggle of finding a job into building a legacy and finding happiness and success. 

Thinning hair? No way!

None of us mind many of our body parts becoming a little thinner, but when it comes to our hair we want all the body and thickness to stay right where it is!

5 top beauty tips for healthy glowing skin

Of all the beauty goals we aspire to, having glowing, healthy skin would have to top the list. Sure, there are highlighters and bronzers that can give you a glow – but healthy skin has a radiance all its own. If you’re done with tired and dull-looking skin, these five simple tips will help you get your glow on.

I made these small health changes & my skin is glowing

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I wanted to share a few secrets I've recently trialled which have given me radiant skin and cleared up my pimples.

I wanted to share a few secrets I've recently trialled which have given me radiant skin and cleared up my pimples.

These past few months I have been on a journey to get my health in check. I’ve been seeing a number of different health care specialists who have given me their professional advice on small changes I can make to improve my overall wellbeing. The simplest and most effective change I’ve made was giving up coffee. Yes, I have avoided caffeine for the past 3 months and I’ve loved the change. I’ve replaced it with lemon water and it’s been a game changer.

By swapping my coffee fix for lemon water I’ve noticed a few improvements. My stomach bloating has decreased, my skin looks brighter and I’ve had less pimples. My metabolism has sped up and I don’t suffer from the mid-morning decline I used to experience when I relied on caffeine to get me moving.

Another change I’ve made has been to eat a lot healthier. The afternoon cravings are always real but instead of reaching for sweets I’m grabbing a mixed bowl of blue berries and raspberries. They’re an antioxidant, which again has helped my skin, and they give me plenty of energy to power through the rest of my day.

I wanted to share a few secrets I've recently trialled which have given me radiant skin and cleared up my pimples.

We are what we eat and are skin will reveal all of our secrets. A good skincare routine is extremely important for radiant clear skin but sometimes it’s not enough.

While I’ve made changes to my diet to improve my skin, I’ve also been doing some research and found reports that that Skinoren cream clears up acne. I personally haven’t tried it, but it’s worth looking into prescribed options to give you the best kickstart to glowing skin.

I’ve also discovered a product called Cell Gel that is dubbed ‘a wonderful saving grace for skin that is stressed’. Its anti-ageing properties have left my skin feeling refreshed and tighter thanks to its incredible ingredients.

Like any health and beauty journey, it's all trials and errors. I’m just getting started but the most important thing is acknowledging that there are areas to improve and taking small steps to change them for the better.