Benefits Of Subscribing For A Beauty Box

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For anyone who wants to try new makeup, such as the latest eyebrow tattoo pencils and highlighters, monthly beauty box subscriptions make it possible. You have probably seen YouTubers and Instagram influencers try these beauty product samples, from chic nail polish, face mask sheets to anti-aging cream. Some samples even come in full size so that you can complete your everyday beauty routine.

Continue reading below to learn the benefits of getting a beauty box subscription.

Get to Use New Products

Beauty subscription boxes allow you to use new cosmetic and skincare products that can be customized depending on your skin type. Also, you can get a deluxe brand sample and sometimes even full-size products at a price less than their actual cost. Moreover, you can get cool boxes and purses that come with the products. If you love to try new products monthly, beauty subscription boxes are highly recommended for you.

Feel the Holiday Season’s Excitement

There’s nothing like the happiness of opening a present on Valentine’s Day or Christmas. With tons of special events and holidays every year, a beauty subscription box can benefit both the customer and the brand. For starters, subscription boxes help increase brand awareness and visibility while customers gain tangible benefits as product manufacturers penetrate the market and generate higher revenue. The joy and excitement of opening a beauty subscription box are similar to the anticipation you feel when unwrapping a special gift. The experience leaves precious memories, like what you’ll feel when you sign up for a Bellabox beauty subscription box.


Beauty boxes enable you to sample numerous perfumes, cosmetics, wellness items, and skincare products each month. You get these small sample sizes and try them before spending money on full-size beauty products.

It will save you money and avoid dealing with buyer’s remorse when testing out new products. For only a small cost each month, you’ll receive a makeup kit or bag filled with cosmetic samples without having to leave your home. Of course, aside from the convenience, you also want satisfaction upon receiving beauty boxes.

That said, here are the things you can expect with your beauty box monthly subscription:

  • Expect to receive new skincare, makeup, or hair care products in a beauty box subscription.

  • Choose to pause, skip a month, or cancel your subscription if you wish. Most beauty box subscriptions renew automatically, so it’s up to you if you want to cancel after opening your first box.

  • Generate customized beauty boxes to your liking by accurately answering questions and completing a simple profile about your preferences and lifestyle.

Promotes Connections

A beauty subscription box makes customers connected to the brand or company. Customers love to post photos or videos using the product, like when they flaunt their new lipsticks in social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter. Also, monthly subscribers feel lucky and proudly show their beauty boxes to family and friends. Indeed, beauty subscription boxes add great value to both the consumer and the brand.

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Save Money

You might not initially notice it, but the cost of skincare and makeup items can add up. If you keep trying new brands as you see them advertised online or on TV, it can hurt your wallet. A beauty subscription box comes in handy because you can try sample-size versions of new cosmetics, hair care, and skincare items at a fixed price.

While an average woman spends around $50 per shopping trip on beauty and skincare essentials, a subscription box costs less and even includes different must-have items. You can save more money with beauty subscription boxes.

Here’s how to ensure you’ll get the most out of your money:

  • Carefully consider which beauty box subscription will likely match your preference and style.

  • Check some of the company’s past boxes online to have a good idea if the products suit you.

  • You likely be happy with your future boxes if it looks like you’re happy with most of the beauty boxes you see online.

Take Advantage of Promo Codes and Future Discounts

One of the benefits of subscription boxes is you can get promo codes or some form of discount. Some makeup companies send coupons for full-size products. On the other hand, some brands automatically provide discounts for customers who want to purchase a sample’s full-sized product included in your beauty box.


Subscribing for a beauty box provides a lot of benefits. Subscribers can save more money than buying new and full-size beauty products in beauty shops. Also, consumers can avail future discounts from famous brands and try new products to find the best ones for their needs. For the brand benefit, makeup and skincare product manufacturers gain more customers and increase sales by offering beauty boxes.