4 Ways to Get Healthy and Lose Weight

Whether you have an upcoming event that you’d like to get in shape for, have put some additional weight on in quarantine that you want to lose, or have been thinking about getting healthy for some time and want to improve your overall wellbeing by dropping the extra pounds, successful weight loss is all about implementing healthier habits into your lifestyle.

Where to Search For The Perfect Dinner Recipe

Dinner is unarguably one of the most important meals of the day. Dinner time is time for a family to come together, talk, share laughter and love. Therefore, the meals to be served for dinner need to be carefully selected and prepared to achieve the best dining experience.

How to Look Good at Work

For most of us, we focus on looking and feeling our best during the eight hours of fun, without spending much time on the eight hours of work part. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could look good for all 16 waking hours?

Things to Know About Vegan Meals

People choose to be vegan for different reasons. Some are compelled by their cultural beliefs while others are in it for the health benefits.
Whatever your reason is, it is proper to have a good understanding of the meals that you take to avoid missing out on vital nutrients.

Fashion Weekly Reads: Growing Pineapples in the Outback

Welcome to Fashion Weekly Reads, our all-new series of book reviews and recommendations for your next must-read. Today’s review is of Growing Pineapples in the Outback, a 2020 work of non-fiction by Rebecca Lister and Tony Kelly. Read on to hear from guest reviewer Gry Risla.  

How to Take a Selfie Like a Celebrity

The selfie craze has become an integral element of today’s society. This has also caught the attention of the world’s celebrities, like Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez, who have perfected the art of taking selfies. But how exactly do they manage to take such flawless selfies?

Q&A with Vanessa Spano from White Rabbit Candles Co

Written by Hanna Sloan

WFH space got you feeling uninspired? Or maybe you're searching for your next online shopping spree? Look no further than White Rabbit Candles, with luxurious candles and wax melts in heavenly scents sure to brighten any home workspace. We chatted with Vanessa Spano, owner of White Rabbit Candles, to see why you should treat yourself with this homemade Australian brand.

Impressing Your Friends with a Personalized Gift Hamper

One of the best things about personalized gift hampers is they are suitable for any and every celebratory occasion. Whether you want to impress friends on their birthdays, during holiday seasons, or at a random time of year to show you care, personalized gift hampers are the ideal presents.