Buy and Sell Pre-Loved Designer Items with Luxe.It.Fwd

Luxe.It.Fwd is your new one-stop shop for buying and selling designer bags, shoes and accessories

Luxe.It.Fwd is Australia's best online luxury consignment boutique.

Luxe.It.Fwd is our new go-to for all things designer. The luxury online consignment boutique is Australia's most trusted online reseller of authentic pre-owned designer bags, shoes and accessories. Not only can you find luxury goodies for bargain prices, but you can sell your designer pieces through Luxe.It.Fwd as well.

CEO Miranda Gillespie, a former commercial lawyer, utilised her business expertise to found the luxury consignment site after seeing the need for a one-stop-shop for buying and selling designer accessories without the hassle of braving auction sites.

“I went looking for a pre-loved Chanel bag because I love the brand, and couldn’t find an Australian website or store anywhere that specialised in this space. So I decided to build one,” Gillespie says.

Luxe.It.Fwd is Australia's best online luxury consignment boutique.

Shoppers flock to Luxe.It.Fwd to find designer items at affordable prices, with up to 60% off original retail prices for handbags, shoes, and accessories that are in excellent pre-owned condition, with authenticity guaranteed.

The online boutique provides these savings without compromising on the high-end shopping experience that is synonymous with purchasing brands such as Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Louboutin, and more. Your designer piece will arrive on your doorstep in Luxe.It.Fwd’s beautiful packaging, ensuring that you get the full luxe treatment.

Luxe.It.Fwd is Australia's best online luxury consignment boutique.

Luxe.It.Fwd is passionate about promoting sustainable and mindful shopping choices, which is why the online luxury boutique is the perfect platform to buy designer items – or sell your pieces to a likeminded label lover. After all, no one wants their fabulous statement items to gather dust!

Whether you’ve fallen out of love with your designer handbag, or are clearing room for your next luxe piece, Luxe.It.Fwd is the only way to go. Hassle-free selling without time wasters and auction sites awaits you when you directly sell or consign your items with Luxe.It.Fwd. The luxury lovers will authenticate, clean and professionally photograph your piece before listing it on their website, where it is ready to be snapped up by their luxe-minded customer base.

You can sell your pre-loved designer goodies directly and receive up to 60% return on the piece, or consign it through the boutique and receive up to 80% return once it sells. Luxe.It.Fwd takes the hard work out of selling your luxury items and you get some extra cash to put towards your next designer piece – what could be better?

Luxe.It.Fwd is Australia's best online luxury consignment boutique.

Selling or consigning your precious designer bags with Luxe.It.Fwd couldn’t be simpler. Shipping your item is free from anywhere in Australia, and if you can’t leave home to get to a post office, they offer free home pickups. With free, no-obligation quotes through their online form, Luxe.It.Fwd has taken all the stress out of selling your designer pieces on to their next luxury-loving home.

For a free, no-obligation quote on directly selling or consigning your item, see the quote form here, and to shop authentic, high-quality luxury items, check out the carefully curated range and see why Luxe.It.Fwd is the best, most trusted luxury buying and selling destination in Australia.


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