Start your beauty career by training under Eyebrow Expert Svetlana Burckhardt

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Would you like to kick start your career in the beauty industry? EyebrowsExperts' Founder Svetlana Burckhardt, has developed a handful of training courses to give you the skills you need to turn your passion into reality. Curious to know more? Read on to find out the details. 

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Svetlana, can you tell me briefly about the different training courses you provide?

SB: EyebrowExperts have two lines of trainings the first line is the Perfect Eyebrow Styling and it comes in three different type of trainings which is online, group workshop and private tuition. The second line is the famous world renowned Seven Minutes Brazilian. Training can be done online, group workshops and private tuition.

How do your courses give aspiring students the skills they need to land their dream job?

SB: Achieving your dream job is truly up to you, we are here to let you understand and master these simple but stunning techniques that offer a great deal of knowledge. This course is ideal for both the complete beginner and for advanced professionals. Once you have learned these techniques you can start and build your own business starting from your homes and definitely make the business grow bigger. The sky is the limit.

Why should our readers choose your training courses over the many others out there?

SB: There are two things! Firstly it’s 17 years of experience and I think what makes it different is that these courses were created for both individuals who can do one-on-one training with me personally or through Skype / Facetime whichever they prefer and fit for their schedule. Aside from that, these courses have a variety of training tools and guides that they could use along the way, they will be discussed with the products that I personally use in the Salon which I believe has been proven and tested. Secondly, we have many students of ours who kicked start their career and even had teachers with 15 years of experience from TAFE taking private tuition. And they were blown away with the secrets of the trade.

What’s the price range of your courses?

SB: We are actually offering our Study from Home Course Package right now at $377 Sale while our Individual and Group Workshops starts at $799. These packages include the Topic of the program you desire to enroll, manuals and kits that you will be using in the business to start.

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What made you develop these courses?

SB: I developed these courses to help to raise the bar in the industry, when I came to Australia 17 years ago. I worked in Sydney at Bondi Junctionin a beautiful beauty salon. And it was just normal for them to just tidy brows for clients and to do a Brazilian wax would take about 40-50 minutes and the Therapists were not confident and happy to do it. I was so fast with Brazilians and very detailed with brows, putting the clients with thin brows on brow rehab that I was super booked out with the two treatments. So I just think that I love people, I love helping people, I love what I do and I’m not that kind of person who does not to share as I will not take it with me into the grave so I always wanted to teach .. anyone who wants to learn, I always welcome. 

How long do these beauty courses take and where are they held?

SB: Online - you can learn from absolutely anywhere as long as you speak English or Russian. Group workshops or private tuition are in my clinic in Double Bay Sydney.

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What tip would you give to our readers who would like to further their education in the beauty industry?

SB: Always learn! Never stop! I learn all the time. The time you think that you know a lot, trust me that means your EGO is talking which means learn more again! And again! Sometimes you can even learn from your own students as well. I love all my students. They are just brilliant people and some of them work for celebrities for big companies and big brands names. To all beauty therapists, make-up artists, hairdressers, nail technicians, salon managers, cosmetic professionals: if you want to start your reputation as a Brazilian Waxing or Eyebrow Pro and interested in advancing their skills, expand your business and learning from the very best then these courses are for you. You can visit or send as an email at and Enroll Now!

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