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How should people looking to colour their hair at home choose the dye - can they contact their hairdressers or are there any dyes in the supermarket that are good / safe to use?

Box dye kits may seem like a good idea, particularly in these financially uncertain times, but keep in mind they could end up costing you a lot more in the long run. Colours develop differently on different hair types and only a professional can determine which product you should choose to deliver your desired results, as well as how much dye to use and how long to let it process.

I have seen plenty of horror stories involving clients not applying enough colour to saturate the hair, resulting in uneven, patchy hair, as well as clients who have used too much and end up looking way too dark and dull. Not to mention when clients experiment with boxed bleach and come in to see us with canary yellow, dry and damaged hair.

For now, I am offering individual FaceTime consultation to customise professional colour kits and give existing clients tailored advice on how to achieve the desired results, I would encourage everyone to reach out to their hairdresser before buying a box dye. I have also launched an IGTV series with a dedicated episode on how to apply. If you are not comfortable using one of these kits, I would suggest using a product like the Kevin Murphy spray as a quick fix to keep you going while salons are down.


What tools will you need to colour your hair, can they be bought in supermarkets or will they need to get online?

You will need a barrier cream, gloves, a mixing bowl, a mixer and colour brush. A colour bowl and mixer are extremely important to ensure your colour has an even consistency, this makes it easier to apply and ensures consistent results. In terms of application, part your hair in the middle and use the end of the brush to create new sections, being extremely careful not to overlap. I'd say apply colour a good inch and a half from the root, this will make sure roots are even and blended.

I would suggest not trying to tackle your whole head, instead focus on the regrowth you can see, this is enough to get you by until salons reopen.

Remember to use barrier cream to avoid staining your skin, if you don't have any, Vaseline will do the trick! Mix your product thoroughly to ensure you get a consistent colour and if you have someone at home, ask them to help you out.


Safely dye your hair at home with these EdwardsAndCo tips.


What are some easy ways to maintain your hair colour until you see your stylist?

We are in the business of transformations and want to keep our clients feeling good, even if that means applying their own colour at home for now. As such, we have launched at home colour kits and an online IGTV series, The Lockdown With EdwardsAndCo, to not only equip viewers with tips and tricks for taking care of their hair at home, but to provide some entertainment.

Our at home kits are perfect for covering up grey hair, touching up regrowth and root shadowing, just to keep you going through the lockdown period. We have a dedicated IGTV series on how to apply the colour.

For anything more technical than this, for example balayage, foils or scalp bleaching, I would recommend holding out. You will cost yourself so much more in the long run by attempting these techniques at home.


How can blondes maintain their blonde outside of the salon? How should they go about keeping the colour true and bright and prevent it from going dull or brassy?

Blonde hair colour or highlights will turn yellow over time, and natural blonde hair can also look dull and lack shine. At EdwardsAndCo we have created custom packs to help with maintaining coloured/highlighted hair from home in isolation. Products such as Christophe Robin Shade Variation masks are in each kit to help neutralise brassy tones, restore pure, radiant and defined highlights, remove yellow from white hair, and deeply nourish.


What can we do to improve our hair health in isolation?

I would recommend Redken PH bond builder to help repair damage and prevent against breakage. My all-time favourite restorative mask is by Virtue Labs, and their split ends serum is AMAZING!! These can all be found in our tailored blonde, brunette, and copper home maintenance kits are available on the EdwardsAndCo website.


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