Skin care is essential to every man in 2019. Don't be the kind of guy whose daily routine revolves around having a clean shave and later washing your face with a bar of soap.


Skin care is essential to every man in 2019. Don't be the kind of guy whose daily routine revolves around having a clean shave and later washing your face with a bar of soap. Taking extra minutes in front of a mirror every day can save one from disappointing razor burns, wrinkles, breakouts, and oily skin.

Though work schedules may prevent one from getting enough time to have some skin care, there are simple products whose application takes less time hence giving the desired results. Most men are getting worried about things like rent, parenting, or even booze. Skin care may never, therefore, be a priority at any given time. However, you should remember that this is your body, and you would appreciate looking younger or healthy at your advanced age. The only way to get to this is if you start using grooming products now. Here are some of the most essential of all.

1. Lip Balms.

The idea of owning a lip balm may look funny to men especially those who associate such products to women's habits. However, a man needs to be reminded that to acquire kissable lips; care ought to be done on the lips. However, get lip balm specified for men only. You don't need to keep reapplying now and then. Once or twice per day is enough to care. Who loves dry l and chipped lips anyway?

2. Shower gels.

The year is 2019, an era when we no longer advocate for a bar of soap in the shower! Shower gels come in a variety of fragrances and collections. However, avoid gels that contain soap. Shower gels moisturize skins besides leaving a pleasant smell. Who doesn't want to smell good anyway! Being a man does not give you leeway to that sweaty smell. Let your neighbors get comfortable around you.

3. Deodorants.

Many years ago, men would rush to the shower and assume they would stay fresh the whole day. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent your body from secreting dirt. That is why you need a product that blends well to avoid the smell, especially on your armpits. Many people have the perception that provided their collections are stashed with many perfumes; they don't require deodorants. However, this is wrong. Ensure that you have a deodorant that matches your personality in addition to offering a 24-hour odor free protection.

4. A Trimmer.

Beards are essential to every man. In the current society, a man with no beards feels less of a man and may be pushed to applying products that enhance beard growth. This is because beards are associated with more beauty, masculinity, and parenting. In this situation, getting deceived is very easy. Some may opt for beard oils while others concentrate on growing their beards naturally. In either way, you ought to own the best safety razors to trim your beards. This will groom your beards without having health issues such as razor burns or cuts that come about as a result of poor quality razors.

5. Facial Scrub.

Regular cleansing may not be enough at times. Therefore, one is required to get quality scrubs. Scrubbing removes dead skin and opens the pores. It is necessary to note that one should scrub their face before shaving. This is to prevent ingrown beards. Never apply scrub regularly. Make it a once in a week habit. Remember that you need a beautiful skin regardless of you being a man. Drop that cliché about men being ‘tough skin.'

Grooming is no longer associated with women. Men have started appreciating the need to take care of their skin at an early age. After all, who doesn't want to look amazing in their sixties?

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