5 Makeup-Free Skincare Techniques Trending in 2020

The cosmetics industry needs a deep cleanse. In the past few years, customers have found out about their inhumane testing and harmful ingredients.

On top of that, prices continue to rise, giving way to a booming counterfeit industry that produces even riskier products identical to their counterparts.

If you feel fed up with makeup, you’re not alone. Millions of women around the world are asking why they should continue to shell out hundreds of dollars to risk their health and the environment.

Luckily, there are ways to achieve glowing and beautiful skin without makeup, and Australia is at the forefront of the no-makeup revolution.

We’ve identified the top 5 natural skincare techniques that are trending in Australia in 2020.
These techniques are guaranteed to make your skin look great with zero makeup, zero cruelty, zero chemicals, and for a lot less cash than Kim Kardashian’s latest eyeshadow!



1. Micro Needling With DermRollers

You may have never heard of micro needling, but this makeup-free and pharma-free skincare technique is making huge waves in Australia.

Micro needling is a treatment similar to microdermabrasion therapy. It involves making thousands of tiny punctures in the skin to trigger an immune response. Basically, it teaches your body to heal and rejuvenate your skin from the inside, so you don’t have to spend loads of cash trying to make it look good on the outside.


The difference between micro needling and microdermabrasion is:

● Microdermabrasion Therapy: Spend hours a clinic and pay hundreds or thousands of dollars

● Micro needling: Do the treatment at home in 2 minutes for free

And the effects of both treatments are the same.


Multiple studies have demonstrated that micro needling can visibly improve the skin, reduce scarring, and reverse signs of aging in as few as 2 sessions. It has also been shown to improve many more conditions including:


● Wrinkles and age lines
● Acne and acne scars
● Blemishes and pigmentation issues
● Stretch marks
● Cellulite
● Rosacea
● Burn scars
● Hair loss


All you need is a micro needling tool to get started. Our favorite is DermRollers. It’s the #1 micro needling tool in Australia, and it’s helped thousands achieve clear, healthy, and youthful skin the natural way.

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2. Eat More Fat

Natural skin gurus have been preaching about veggie capsules and juicing for years, but fresh produce is not what your skin loves most, according to science.

In fact, eating too many vegetables can contribute to dehydration. And the first victim of dehydration is the skin.

The very best fuel for your body’s hair, skin, and nail-building engines are omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Foods that contain these acids include fatty fish like salmon and sardines as well as creamy avocados.

Proteins like walnuts, almonds, and sunflower seeds also contain loads of vitamins and fatty acids that will make your skin shine.

That means you don’t have to give up the foods you love if you go on a makeup-free diet. And, you don’t have to spend a lot of money at the organic food store to get nutrients your skin needs.


3. Mind the Sun

The sun is our friend. The sun is natural. The sun makes us happy.

But, regardless of how you feel about the golden ball in the sky, its UV rays are not good for your skin.

In fact, studies have found that the sun is responsible for a whopping 80% of signs of aging in the skin.

This creates a problem for us no-makeup types because we hate putting more creams and goops on our faces.

Luckily, there is a growing number of natural sunscreen brands that can protect your face from the sun without adding to the cosmetics problem.

There are some all-natural options as well, like using coconut oil to protect from the sun. But in the end, there isn’t anything as effective as sunscreen at blocking UV rays (besides clothing).

So, give a natural sun cream a try, because without it, your makeup-free lifestyle will be a lot tougher.

dermroller 2


4. Curl, Brush, and Style

You’re going to have a lot of free time when you ditch the makeup bag. Why not use some of it to up your hairstyling game?

And we’re not just talking about your locks. Bring out the best in your natural features by curling those eyelashes and brushing your brows.

Use a lash curler to instantly lift your lashes and widen your eyes without any mascara. You can also style your brows with a trim and a brush to make them look fuller. Brush daily and you will master the art of shaping your brows without makeup.

There are plenty of hairstyles that complement a makeup-free look. Learn how to showcase your features and frame your face and you won’t need to put on makeup to leave the house. In fact, you’ll feel more confident than ever before.


5. Wash With Thermal Water

A growing trend in Australia (and around the globe) is to ditch all the creams, masks, and facial cleansers. Many are switching to a routine of simply moisturizing or doing a rinse-free cleanse.

One of the easiest ways to do this for the makeup-free lifestyle is with thermal water.

Thermal water is taken directly from thermal springs that run deep below the Earth’s surface. It’s chock full of healthy minerals and salts, and it’s been shown to protect the skin with its anti-UV exposure, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.

And yet, it’s still water. Plain and simple.

There’s no cleaner, easier, or gentler way to protect and improve your skin. You can pick up a bottle of thermal water at your local pharmacy or cosmetics shop for just a few dollars. To use it, just spray or splash on your face instead of washing with chemical soaps and cleansers.


Let Your Skin Shine

Stop covering up your beautiful face with layers of foundation and makeup. Show the world who you truly are and let your skin shine with natural health.

The makeup-free skincare techniques on this list will help you to revitalize your skin and make you wonder why you ever needed makeup in the first place.