A healthy, white smile doesn't only look great, but it can make you feel fantastic too.

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Bring out your best smile

A healthy, white smile doesn't only look great, but it can make you feel fantastic too. There are some for whom this is natural. But for the rest of us, we will have to work to get that perfect gleam. There are numerous options for getting that perfect smile such as knowing a few camera tricks, wetting your teeth before you smile, or simply opting for teeth whitening for an additional confidence boost. If you are going for teeth whitening, there is a good dentist in brisbane ready to help you. Whatever method you choose, we're going to get you there. So keep reading this article to find out exactly how you can bring out the best smile you have, and let's dazzle those around you!

Knowing your face shape

One of the easiest ways to give everyone a good smile is simply knowing your own face shape. Similar to when you choose a haircut, the perfect smile for you depends on the size and shape of your face. Oval faced people are lucky - you look good with any type of smile. Longer or vertical shaped faces are enhanced when the smile accents the horizontal shape of the teeth. The converse is true for round faced people - make that smile longer to balance out your wider face. Similarly, square faced folk need a wide smile to make their faces appear oval.

Keeping those teeth clean

But we all know that the best smile doesn't just depend on the way you do it. Good dental hygiene plays its part. There's no point smiling with your eyes, thinking of loved ones or knowing your face shape if your teeth are yellow and you have bad breath. Good oral hygiene is a must for a great smile and this requires maintenance - brushing teeth after each meal and flossing to get rid of the leftovers. In particular, if you're a coffee drinker, you might notice your teeth are stained. This is where teeth whitening might be the perfect option to get that dazzling smile you so desire. 

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