5 Must-Know Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Dry Skin

Treating dry skin is one of the hardest beauty tasks! Everyone experiences dry, patchy areas once in a while and it’s something you can’t hide with makeup. These 5 must-know tips below are so easy to follow and true life-savers.

Exfoliation Is Key

Ladies with dry skin are always afraid to exfoliate because they’re under the impression that things will get worse. Removing that layer of dead skin cells can only do you good. If you do not exfoliate regularly, the old cells will remain on the surface of the skin and cause dry patches. Have you been noticing that your pores look much bigger and are clogged? The main reason behind this look can be the fact that you’re not using any type of exfoliating product.

These days there are so many mild products that can give you the soft, smooth texture that you’ve been dreaming of. Forget about visible patches simply by getting a formula that contains low concentrations of acids such as lactic, AHA, glycolic and others.

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If you decide to try mechanical exfoliation, do it without harsh products and by gently going over the face with a soft, wet washcloth. Another way to go is a very gentle scrub that won’t additionally dry out the skin.

Get A Humidifier

Buying a humidifier sure is an investment, but it’s one that you’ll thank us for! If the air where you live is dry it will show on the skin. The humidifier is a device that adds moisture in the air and is extremely helpful for people dealing with dry skin on the face and body. If you’re in a room with air conditioning, that’s another factor that will make things worse. Stay away from the AC as much as you can, it makes the air even dryer than it is.

Many doctors recommend that you get a humidifier and place it somewhere where you’re spending most of your time. It can be your office, living room, even the bedroom. Another reason why these devices are great is that they can help with dryness of the nose, mouth and eyes. It’s an absolute win-win! Imagine having your skin always as moisturised and fresh as it is during summer!

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Read The Ingredients List

Don’t stop when you’ve read the first sentence on the product packaging. Keep on reading until you get to the ingredients list. A lotion or a cream can claim that they are highly-moisturising but still won’t work for your dry skin. That’s because they might not include the essential ingredients that are always recommended for this skin type.

The ones you want to be looking for are argan oil, coconut oil, jojoba, beeswax, lanolin, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, ceramides. If you love using makeup, make sure that you’re also checking its ingredients before you buy. That way you will treat your skin right and successfully avoid bad consequences.

Take Short Showers

The longer you’re under the shower, the worse you’re making it for the skin. Have you noticed how extremely dry your skin is right after you step out of the bath? That’s because water, especially very hot water, can strip the skin of the natural oils and leave it dehydrated. Avoid being under the shower for a very long time and you’ll see a huge difference.

Once you step out, the smartest thing you can do is to hydrate right away with a product that’s rich in nourishing ingredients. This is a perfect time because the product will be able to penetrate and deliver deep moisture, lock it in and leave your skin glowing.

Good Diet

You know what they say - ‘you are what you eat’. Healthy skin does require proper nutrition. If yours is dry, it might mean that you’re not giving your body what it needs. By doing a few simple changes you can save yourself from buying expensive skincare products.

Dryness can come from a lack of healthy fats. This means you should include more avocados, walnuts, fatty fish, celery, olive oil, melon, sweet potatoes and similar. It is called moisturising from the inside and it really works! Don’t forget your daily dose of water as well to stay properly hydrated.

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Dealing with dry skin is not easy at all, but with the right treatments and products, you can have that perfectly moisturised and soft complexion. Make sure that you educate yourself on the topic and always choose products that were meant for your skin type.

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