A Day In the Life: Dr Kate Jameson from Youth Lab

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Introducing Dr Kate Jameson, the owner of Perth's premier destination for skin, Youth Lab. We had the opportunity to speak with this highly qualified entrepreneur about what sets her clinic apart through to what an average day looks like in her world.

You are known as Perth’s premier destination for skin, aesthetic and beauty, what sets you apart from other clinics?

Youth Lab is set apart from other clinics due to our unique treatment offerings, our culture and the experience we offer to each client.

Our treatments are very tailored and personalised and come from months (and sometimes years) of my personal research and trials. We do not give in to the newest technology or trending treatment and base our offerings on what can deliver results in the safest and most effective way. As a result, our devices and treatments we offer are of the highest standard and we consistently deliver superior results when compared to other clinics.

For example, we are proud to be the first and only clinic in Western Australia with the Sciton Halo laser which is the most advanced laser on the market today. I am proud to have taken the risk and introduced this new piece of technology into the market over here in Perth.

We also invest a significant amount into our team and our culture. Our training of our practitioners is second to none and we send our nurses and doctors to conferences, travel overseas for training and fly in experts for in-clinic run training events. We are committed to our team and as such they are committed and dedicated to the clinic and our clients.

We also love to innovate with our treatment offerings, using multiple technologies in single treatments to amplify results as well as continually change our treatment protocols so that other clinics cannot deliver our results, even if they do have the same machine.

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What is your most popular service and why?

Our most popular service would be cosmetic injectables such as anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers is my favourite treatment to perform as it gives me the ability to completely transform a face, enhance someone’s natural beauty and work with my patients to achieve esthetic confidence.

Treatments such as lip enhancement and cheek enhancement are always very popular however our full face transformations and total face approach with dermal filler are what we are known for, along with consistently delivering natural results.

What’s next for Youth Lab in 2020?

Youth Lab will continue to grow steadily in 2020 as we look to expand our treatment offerings, grow our team and scale the business to new heights.

We will continue to offer only the highest possible standard of treatments, client experience and invest in training our staff further in delivering a world class client experience.

A Day In The Life Of Dr Kate

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5am: Alarm goes off, but normally I am woken up by our Australian Shepherd Saffron. I get up and make myself an espresso. I have replaced my espresso with a cup of tea as I am pregnant and limiting my caffeine intake. This has been a challenge!

6am: Check my emails and do any pressing tasks such as content creation, articles or catch up on medical journals.

7am: I like to exercise in the morning so I usually go to the gym, see my personal trainer or go to a pilates class.

9am: After the gym I head straight to the clinic. I am usually in the clinic between 9 and 10am where I start seeing patients. I generally work a 4 hour morning clinic performing treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, laser and skin consultations.

1pm: Quick lunch break, I normally eat at my desk and review my emails from the morning and action any pressing tasks for the clinic such as finance matters.

1.30pm: Afternoon clinic much like my morning session with more patients and procedures.

5pm: I normally finish work at around 4.30/5pm as I like my down time at home before getting dinner ready and relaxing for the evening. Once I see my last patient and complete my patient records I switch off from work. I work much better in the mornings!

6pm: On arrival home I cook dinner for myself and my fiance Jon, we walk the dogs and get some catch up time and relaxation.

7pm: Mid week we often watch the news or stream a TV series or documentary. This is my shut off time.

8pm: My night time skin routine can get quite complex but I never skip it. I am very diligent with my skin care and love to prepare my skin for the following day.

9pm: Bedtime! I try to read a bit before I go to sleep, usually a chapter or two of whatever novel I am currently devouring.

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