Dos and Don'ts to perfect brows with Svetlana Burckhardt

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Don't fall victim to bad brows. Svetlana Burckhardt from Eyebrow Experts wants to share with you the dos an don'ts to perfect brows. As a leader in the beauty industry, she has seen, fixed and transformed her clients eyeybrows and taken them from drab to fab.

As a passionate business owner and brow technician she wants to share her insider knowledge with you so you never have to have a bad brow day, ever again!  

How do you fill in the perfect brow?

SB: It is amazing what a difference a nice pair of shapely brows can make to the structure of one’s face. Having neat and defined eyebrows frames the eyes, boosts facial symmetry and creates an attractive high-contrast look which could determine and enhance a person’s beauty. Personally, I use the semi-permanent pens the one that you can buy at It is water proof, sweat proof and it is beautiful because the more you add the darker it goes. You can also use from any reputable brand, brow powder or eyebrow tint. We do sculpting tint, brow tattooing and feathering in the clinic, so basically that’s how you fill it into different ways.

How do you get the right shape?

SB: Each eyebrow styling method is designed to fit the face of each unique client that shows a more natural look to it. Usually, I use my client’s personal bone structure to determine where the brow should start, arch and peak. Always learn how to embrace the beauty you are born with creating a timelessly classic shape that is unique for your facial feature. You must remember to always start on the ends that is needing to be darker then going to the front closer to the middle of the eyebrows which should be much lighter.

How do you keep your brows maintained during visits? And how do you keep stray brow hairs in place?

SB: You basically just need to make sure that you don’t pluck too much, you need to put your little finger on the middle of your eyebrows and the distance that you can tweeze. You can put your small finger on your eyelid that distance you can tweeze but don’t go to close to the shape. Make sure they’re not too short, it’s okay to keep it a little bit not to kind of manicured because they give a little bit of space or room for the expert to do it for you in between visits. 

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Eyebrow Experts, Svetlana Burckhardt

Why should you go to an expert to enhance your natural brow?

SB: It is important to have experts because eyebrows matter a lot. It’s similar when you would go to a “CAR SHOP” to get your car maintained or to the “SALON” to get a haircut or get a treatment. The feature of your eyebrow matters on the eyes, they’re part of the eyes. Beautiful eyes are framed with the eyebrow, it is kind of the whole picture of them. I truly believe that enhancing the eyebrows needs to be done by the experts because we know what to do about it and you can fully trust us that we can take care of your eyebrows. As I always say I ask questions to find out exactly what the client wants, whether to look more youthful or a more refined look. Because there should be balance and proportion as well as the thickness and thinness of your brows should be tailored to a person’s face and personality.

Why shouldn't you shape your brows by yourself? ‘

This question kind of goes with the pervious, because you see yourself on one angle only which is the front. It is better if it would be an expert shaping your brows since we can see you through different angles.

Why shouldn't you pluck eyebrow hair above the brow?

Maintaining your brows without tweezing is ideal since it helps maintain a consistent growth but sometimes beauty does not work on the timeline you want it to. One thing to do is to get your brows tinted and waxed, in this way the tint will hold to every single hair that will create shape and the waxing will then clear it up.

Why shouldn't you use black pencil or black tint?

Just imagine a beautiful paint that has a huge crazy black frame, I mean if you look at it you would think that the color just does not belong to that beautiful picture and you just can’t comprehend how this happened. So as a professional that how I see it when people have a crazy black eye brow as well as thin eyebrows is not flattering, so it doesn’t give any class. 

What is your ultimate secret tip to getting the perfect brow?

For that I would really recommend, highly recommend that you read the book which was written by me. Anyone who loves eyebrows, anyone who is obsessed about brows, anyone who wants to know about brows, and professionals it’s called “The Ultimate Brow Guide” Book. It’s incredible and has a lot of information and you know we don’t have a lot of good books about brows, but I know I’m biased that is because I really put lots of value into this book. It actually available in an electronic version and it’s on and if you know someone who is in love with brows or obsessed with brows it will be an amazing gift to send them.

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