The Pros and Cons of Getting Eyebrow Hair Transplant

The eyebrows are a crucial aspect of the face. The good news is you don't have to settle on fake eyebrows anymore because there's a permanent solution to fine and thin eyebrows.

The eyebrows are a crucial aspect of the face. Well-groomed eyebrows can highlight your best facial features, such as your beautiful eyes and nose. It's no surprise that many women do their best to improve their eyebrows by using an eyebrow pencil to shape their brows and add volume to their fine eyebrow hair. Even celebrities and famous models respect the art of creating beautiful and well-defined eyebrows to achieve the look they want. The good news is you don't have to settle on fake eyebrows anymore because there's a permanent solution to fine and thin eyebrows.

An eyebrow hair transplant through follicular unit transplantation (FUT) or follicular unit extraction (FUE) is now made possible using state-of-the-art equipment in modern clinics such as Vera Clinic. Here’s the difference between the two:

  • FUT involves the removal of the donor's hair (strip of tissue) from any part of the body, such as the back or sides of the head and transplanting the hair follicles into the eyebrows.
  • FUE involves the removal of individual hair follicle units that are harvested from the scalp and are transplanted to the eyebrows. This procedure takes longer but is less invasive, the healing process is faster, and the results are better in comparison with FUT.

With hair follicle transplantation, the hair continues to grow in your eyebrows and produces thicker eyebrow hair that you can have forever. Yes, it's not temporary eyebrows; you can have real eyebrows for a lifetime! Now, let's find out the pros and cons of undergoing an eyebrow hair transplant.

Pros of Eyebrow Hair Transplant

1. Real Thick Eyebrows

Eyebrow hair loss and thinning can be a result of genetics, stress, menopause, thyroid conditions, trauma from surgery, poor nutrition, and burns. Also, age, overuse of eyebrow makeup, overplucking, and rubbing can cause thinning and hair loss of the eyebrows.

If you undergo an eyebrow hair transplant, you'll have real thick eyebrows that can do the following:

  • Prevent water or sweat from your head and forehead from entering your eyes
  • Prevent dirt and debris from falling and settling into your eyes 
  • Prevent small insects like ants and tiny spiders from harming your eyes

2. Improved Facial Expression

Your facial expression is significant to human communication. The eyebrows play a crucial role in showing your facial expression. An eyebrow hair transplant can give you more defined eyebrows, with the right shape and angle or arch, which can help you effectively express your thoughts and feelings.

3. Enhanced Appearance

An eyebrow hair transplant can help you achieve authentic eyebrows with real hair to make you look more beautiful and appealing. You can attend any party or formal event with your newly done real eyebrows without the hassle and mess of drawing fake eyebrows using expensive eyebrow products. When you have a trendy hairstyle, gorgeous-looking eyebrows can complete your look.

4. Increased Self-Confidence

The transplanted hair in your eyebrows will grow from the hair follicles. While not all of them will regrow, most of them will. Yes, the hair will become like your head hair. You'll be advised to trim the hairs to produce blunt ends, making your new eyebrows look natural.

With sexier and more beautiful eyebrows, you will feel a boost in your self-esteem. While you can always fill your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, nothing will make you feel more confident than real ones! Present your business proposal, attend a meeting, stand out in an interview, and impress your date with confidence because of your new and real eyebrows.

The eyebrows are a crucial aspect of the face. The good news is you don't have to settle on fake eyebrows anymore because there's a permanent solution to fine and thin eyebrows.

Cons of Eyebrow Hair Transplant

1. Slow Hair Growth Rate

Just like any regular hair transplant, it takes about 6 to 12 months for new hairs to grow. This can be a very long time for people who want instant results.

2. Routine Trimming Required

Every one to two weeks, trimming is needed to achieve optimal aesthetic appearance, which can be a hassle, especially for busy people. However, don't worry because, after a year or two, the skin of your eyebrow area will influence the transplanted grafts, slowing the growth rate to that of natural eyebrow hairs.

3. Second Hair Transplant

Usually, the best results of an eyebrow hair transplant come after a second procedure, which is optional (depending on how satisfied you are with the results). Undergoing another eyebrow hair transplant session will add more hair follicles to your eyebrows, which means your eyebrow hair will appear more tightly packed. However, this would mean additional expense, time, and effort.


There are tons of advantages that an eyebrow hair transplant can provide to men and women alike who are aspiring for a permanent solution to eyebrow thinning or eyebrow hair loss. Choosing the right cosmetic surgeon to perform your eyebrow hair transplant is crucial to the success of the procedure. You'll be assessed by your doctor if you're a good candidate for eyebrow hair transplant or if it's better to try other options, such as eyebrow enhancers. What matters most is you're happy and satisfied with the final results.