I tried my first lash extensions at LashXtend

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Confession, I’m a lash extension virgin, well at least I was until I met LashXtend.

I’ve always been a little hesitant on handing over the power to someone else to enhance my lashes. I also have naturally long lashes, so I’ve never really felt like I needed them. And, like many, I’ve read a few eyelash horror stories about dodgy beauty salons and I’ve always shied away from the idea.

So, when I was invited to West End to visit LashXtend, I was excited because they’re one of Brisbane’s fastest growing salons and they’re reputable. When I met Owner Amy and her team, I instantly felt at ease and put my trust in the experts as they began the transformation from what my mama gave me to fluttery, flirty lashes.

Another big thing that gave me piece of mind was they endorse the brand of cruelty-free, vegan-friendly eyelash extension products. And the products supplied, ensure the highest quality of service without compromising ethics. Love it!

The treatment took about an hour and though it was fuss free, I struggled with keeping my eyes closed for that long. I’m also a naturally fidgety person, so to discipline myself and be still for 60 minutes challenged me. Supposedly, a lot of clients take a short nap, but I felt very vulnerable with someone using glue around my eye area, so I didn’t plan on sleeping. 

I have experienced a number of beauty treatments, laser, SculpSure and the list goes on, but never have I had a lash transformation. Well, once the session was completed and I was able to open my lids and have a look in the mirror, I couldn’t believe the result! Immaculate, sexy lashes.

Do you remember, Beyonce’s song, ‘FLAWLESS’? Well hunny, I felt flawless. I just looked that much more put together. I noticed over the next few weeks, I wore less makeup because I just appeared done up and when I woke up in the mornings, I looked fresh.

The maintenance is a little work, such as shampooing your eyelashes in the evening, brushing them morning and night, not rubbing your eyes and being careful how you sleep. But beauty comes with a price and it’s totally worth it.

Because I was a first timer, they gave me ‘classics’, but in the future, I would definitely go bigger and fuller with more voluminous lashes.

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