Everything you need to know before taking the brunette plunge this winter

When it comes to hair, winter often makes us feel like swapping those sunkissed highlights we rocked in summer for something a little richer and deeper, from delicious chocolate shades through to golden caramels and decadent mahogany. Let’s face it; cocoa-coloured hair hues do look stunning paired with paler skin tones. Add winter-inspired makeup shades and the combo is definitely a match made in heaven.

If you’re interested in crossing over to the dark side, we asked the colour experts at Franck Provost Paris what you need to know before taking the brunette plunge this winter.


There is definitely a perfect brunette hue for you, but before diving in, the first step is to determine your skin tone. Whether your complexion is pale, medium or dark, you have three choices: warm, cool or neutral. If your skin is warm, it might be described as peachy, yellow or golden. If it’s cool, you’ll see undertones of pink, red or blue. If your skin tone is neutral, you probably have a combination of both. Once you’ve assessed your complexion, your hairdresser will be able to devise a custom combination of brunette tones that will flatter your skin tone and make your eyes pop. Cool brunettes are trending strongly this winter, such as coffee and ashy espresso shades. If you’d like a warmer look, ask for soft hints of copper and maple in your bespoke mix.


Is your ponytail a little on the skinny side? An all over block colour in a solid rich tone is great for fine hair, as it gives the illusion of density and can really bring out your best features. But a solid brunette colour can also be a beauty buzz kill and look flat. For even the deepest brown hues, the secret is having some variations and highlights just a shade or two lighter than your base colour to give the hair dimension and vibrancy. For a natural look, subtlety is the key. On the other hand, if you have thick hair, highlighted shades will create break up the colour, adding movement and texture.

Everything you need to know before taking the brunette plunge this winter


The secret to standout brunette hair colour is shine. It makes all the difference between flat, mousey colour and shimmering, gorgeous healthy looking hair. Darker and cooler brunette tones especially risk becoming muddy without a high shine factor. Dry or coarsely textured hair is the enemy of glossy shine, so it’s imperative that you keep your hair as hydrated as possible, especially during the cooler months when low temperatures, freezing winds and air-conditioning can play havoc with your locks. Choose shampoos and conditioners with lots of moisturising ingredients such as the Kérastase Nutritive range, become best friends with nourishing hair oils like L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil Radiance Oil and treat your locks to indulgent masks every week to keep your hair looking its glamorous best.


Hair fade is unavoidable when it comes to taking the brunette plunge, but with proper practice, you can ensure your colour stays fresher for longer. Resist temptation to wash your hair every day; instead opt for a good dry shampoo to mop up an oily scalp, such as L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Morning After Dust. Keep blowdrying and styling tools to a minimum, reducing the temperature on irons and tongs where possible, and always use a heat protectant on your hair to preserve the colour and reduce damage and dryness. Specially designed shampoos and conditioners for coloured hair such as Kérastase Reflective will prolong your colour. Consider a pigmented colour mousse or conditioner to refresh your colour at home between salon visits.

Franck Provost has two stunning brunette colour options to make your crowning glory shine bright this winter.

Everything you need to know before taking the brunette plunge this winter

Brun Cashmere 

The trick to this exclusive Franck Provost colouring technique is all in the application. Brun Cashmere uses an alternating blend of light and dark colour veils on dark chestnut and brown hair, applied with a sponge for greater transparency and a deliciously melted finish. The result? Pure and intense colour with an incredibly bright, yet understated result.

Chocolate Blush

This exclusive new Franck Provost colour service puts the spotlight on brunettes in a subtle yet oh so sophisticated way. Natural and low maintenance, Chocolate Blush gives your hair high sheen and delicate highlights with no root effect. Handpainted intense chestnut nuances provide a warm and delicious hazelnut chocolate result – perfect for the client who is new to colour and wants to experiment without a drastic change.

Thanks to our friends at Franck Provost for this exclusive hair article. 

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