A Day In The Life Of: Laura Oosterloo from Bali Body

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Take a glimpse into the busy life that co-founder, Laura Oosterloo from Bali Body leads as she continues to dominate the Instagram market.

Who is Laura Oosterloo from Bali Body? Well, she is the co-founder of the highly covetable tanning oil and skincare brand! To give you a quick snapshot, Laura alongside her husband David, have together capitalised on Instagram as a marketing platform to generate over 1 million loyal Instagram followers. As a result, Bali Body is tagged in an image on Instagram by a user-generated, customer content post every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day.

The loyal following also seems to be the contributing factor to Bali Body having an online sale every 45 seconds, 356 days of the year!

We caught up with the prowess to find out what her day to day routine looks like and to hear her top tip to building a successful business. Read on…

You are the co-founder of Bali Body. Can you tell us how your business journey started?

LO: Our business journey started in the beautiful Canggu, Bali. My husband and I were living in Bali taking a career break - we were motivated to start a business together, and I have suffered from sensitive skin and eczema my entire life. We created our first product the Tanning and Body Oil as a completely natural oil that soothes and nourishes the skin while promoting a natural tan and hydrating the skin. From there we worked extremely hard to build our business and kept creating new products to enable us to build the brand that we are so proud of today.

You have a cult following of over 1 million loyal Instagram followers and a Bali Body product is sold every 45 seconds! What’s your secret to success?

LO: Work, work work. Building a business takes a lot of dedication and a thick skin. If you have a great product and the work ethic to back it up then there is no reason that your business won’t succeed.

What’s next for you and Bali Body?

LO: We have some really exciting products in development - products that are taking a bit of a different direction for our brand, which we can’t wait to share with our BB community!

Take a glimpse into the busy life that co-founder, Laura Oosterloo from Bali Body leads as she continues to dominate the Instagram market. Laura Oosterloo from Bali Body

Timeline: A Day In The Life Of Laura Oosterloo from Bali Body

6am: Alarm, let our dog into our room for a morning snuggle.

6:45am: Walk the dog, shower and breakfast.

7am: Check social accounts, quick check of emails with coffee.

8am: At my desk in the office doing emails.

9am: Meet with staff and ensure everyone is on track.

10am: More emails or phone meetings.

11am: Usually a meeting or working with staff.

12pm: Lunch time! Something healthy most of the time.

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1pm: Back into the office for more emails and work.

2pm: Work.

3pm: Work.

4pm: Work.

5pm: Work or gym if I have time.

6pm: Walk the dog and dinner.

7pm: Check emails and social accounts.

8pm: Netflix and bed!

9pm: Bed.

10pm: Definitely bed.

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