A Day In The Life Of Skincare Founder Yong-Li Zhou from Enbacci

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A Day In The Life Of Yong-Li Zhou from Enbacci

Introducing luxury skincare founder of the brand Enbacci, Yong-Li Zhou. We had the opportunity to speak with this amazing entrepreneur about how it all began through to what an average day looks like in her world.

Congratulations on the success of Enbacci. As an Australian founded luxury skincare brand specialising in fruit and plant stem cell skincare solutions for all skin types, what inspired you to launch your own skincare line?

YLZ: The inspiration to launch our own Australian made luxury skincare line ultimately started with my Mum’s sensitive skin. After years of suffering with sensitive skin we were determined to find a solution that would not leave her skin irritated and with open sores. We also wanted to create something that was uniquely and proudly Australian knowing that Australia has bountiful access to resources and is equipped with some of the best infrastructure. Enbacci is a brand that projects our love of travel, discovery and exploration, innovation (having utilised fruit stem cell technology in our highlighting products), and most importantly, our familial values. It is through these values that we are able to connect with our clients.

We’re always on the hunt for the best anti-aging products. The Enbacci Vitis Vinifera range reverses the physical signs of ageing while eradicating acne causing bacteria and more. How and why is this the ‘HERO’ product to try in 2019?

YLZ: We are all about education at Enbacci and educating our clients about the importance of a basic skincare regime, which is why we developed a simple three-step skincare routine. Products in our Vitis Vinifera range contain a high amount of grape stem cell extracts. Grape stem cells are very high in antioxidants-rich anthocyanin, which help to prevent and reduce the appearance of the signs of ageing, combat uneven skin tone, lighten scars and imperfections, protect the skin from environmental damages, fight acne and deeply hydrate the skin.

What’s next for you and Enbacci?

YLZ: We are always working on new formulations and products to add to our collection. We are excited to be adding to our collection in March, highly anticipated serum formulations delivered through sheet masks. We will be releasing the Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Mask (adding to the Vitis Vinifera range) and the Age Revitalising Face Defence Mask that has been formulated with the benefits of apple stem cells and leucojum aestivum extract (an ingredient that can relax facial muscles for a botox-like effect) to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

On a more personal note, I am excited to announce that we are expecting the arrival of a new baby in late June, adding a whole new generation to our family. As we are a family business, you can understand how this affects the whole team. But don’t worry! We still have our dedicated customer service team working in store and at our warehouse to make sure your orders are fulfilled and emails are replied to!

A Day In The Life Of Yong-Li Zhou from Enbacci

A Day In The Life Of Yong-Li Zhou from Enbacci

6:30am: A drowsy “good morning” to my husband as he gets ready for work whilst I turn to my other side for more sleep.

7am: Still sleeping…

7.30am: Brush my teeth, cleanse, moisturise and protect my skin for the morning with a quick breakfast to follow (usually a bowl of fruit or smoothie).

8am: Leave the house to get to a reformer pilates class.

9.30am: Head to the office and refresh once arrived for the day.

10am: Tasks undertaken can vary day to day, but I always start it by writing down a to-do list (so glad I used this technique before pregnancy because baby-brain is real). Tasks can range from accounting, product development, planning, ensuring our website is up to date and answering interview questions like these.

11am: Pondering what I’ll eat for lunch.

12pm: Check through all the social media including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and reply to DMs/PMs and comments. I also spend this time replying to any emails that may have been forwarded to myself from our Customer Service team.

1pm: Lunch time!

2pm: (Unfortunately in need of a siesta these days and can be found dead asleep in my office).

3pm: Reminding myself to keep hydrated.

A Day In The Life Of Yong-Li Zhou from Enbacci

4pm: Feeling very accomplished and proud of myself for the day because the to-do list is getting very small if not already all done.

6pm: Clock off at the office and head home.

7pm: Dinner.

8.00pm: Couch, Netflix, face mask and puppy hugs. It’s called multi-tasking.

9pm: If I wasn’t so good in the morning and perhaps didn’t quite make it to class, I head to the gym in an attempt to keep my muscles toned and strong.

10.30pm: Definitely already asleep.

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