Self Care Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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Who says Valentine’s day is only for splurging on your other half! In this day and age where no one ever has time for anything, self-care should be everyone’s top priority and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spoil yourself and take some time to relax and unwind. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for you to go out and buy for yourself.

Self care starts with hair care

Looking and feeling your best begins with having an effective yet effortless routine in place for both hair and skin. Beginning with hair, anti-hair loss products can take your hair care routine up a notch and leave your hair feeling nourished and rejuvenated from root to tip.

A few tips, get started with a gentle exfoliating shampoo to remove any dirt or dandruff from the scalp and improve circulation, which in turn results in faster hair growth. Move on to conditioning the hair to restore its thickness. This is especially important for dull, thinning hair which has been damaged by too much wind, sun and pollution. Finally, a scalp revitalizer will help to reduce hair loss and strengthen the root so that the hair does not shed as much.

Treat yourself with instantly thicker, fuller hair this Valentine’s Day and give it some much needed love and attention.

Follow up with a skin care routine

The stresses of everyday life are most often reflected in the skin. Our busy lifestyles may leave the complexion looking dull especially if we are not getting enough sleep or not eating a healthy, balanced diet. These are the places to start when looking to correct any skin concerns, but we could always use a little bit of help.

Skin cell turnover is an important process to help keep your complexion bright. Collagen production plays a large role in this, so look to a rich hydrating serum for help in triggering your skin’s production of this critical protein. Often serums are tailored to accelerate the rejuvenation of your skin through activating it’s natural process and production of healthy chemicals, so look for serums that are made just for your skin type.

Glowing, radiant skin is the key to maintaining a youthful look, and what better gift is there than the gift of youth, a romantic gesture for yourself this Valentine’s.

But aging skin isn’t and shouldn’t be your only concern. Irritation and redness, uneven textures, pores, skin tones and more, these are all concerns that also need to be addressed to maintain a seamless complexion. Serums and specialty skin care products can all be great additions to your routine to address these issues, but why not stick to the roots as well? Look for a custom moisturiser that will not only nourish your skin but has also been designed specifically to target your other skin concerns as well for a 2-in-1 gift.

Whilst a face cream for the day is essential don’t forget to follow up with a night time skincare routine as well. Our skin naturally repairs itself whilst we sleep but to help lock in moisture a night repair skin cream or serum will help to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Go to sleep peaceful with the knowledge that you’re reducing these aging indicators and wake up feeling relaxed and less stressed, ready for whatever the day brings and knowing that your skin will be healthy and radiant.

Enhance your features with a pop of makeup

Maybe you need just that little boost of confidence to help you get through the day, looking and feeling your best. Or maybe you just need a little bit of retail therapy, either way, why not build your makeup collection.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Pop on a bit of lipstick, a smile and you’re ready to go! Spoil yourself on Valentine’s Day with something a little outside the box. Go for a bright pink or soft, muted coral. Don’t forget to go all out and experiment with different looks too. Look for a defiant eyeshadow mascara combination or try to achieve a nice dewy glow.

Rest and meditation

Beyond the outward appearance, maybe you like to snuggle up with a glass of wine and your favourite book, or perhaps you enjoy the peace and tranquility a session of meditation brings to the mind.

However you like to relax and unwind, make sure to add a hint of luxury to the home by lighting a scented candle. Create an inviting, romantic atmosphere whether you’re alone or with a partner and let your worries drift away into nothing as the room fills with fragrant citrus and floral notes.