Hair Trend Report for Summer 2018/19

Here are the top Australian Hair Trends will you be sporting this summer 2018/19

This season, amp up your mane game with inspiration from these top hair trends for summer 2018/19. Our friends at Franck Provost Paris have exclusively released this hair trend report so your locks can steal the attention all summer long! 


Here are the top Australian Hair Trends will you be sporting this summer 2018/19

One of the biggest trends for the coming season is embracing your curls – healthy ringlets and shaggy curl cuts are big for summer! As opposed to the dropped wave we’ve all been lusting over for the past few years, this season’s hottest look is all about a tighter curl to the roots and a more carefree energy. For those naturally blessed with curls, keep them looking gorgeous minus the frizz with specially designed products made just for curly hair, such as Kérastase Crème Oléo-Curl, a heat-treating pre-styling cream for curly hair that texturises, smooths and defines curls, making them look relaxed and supple. If you don’t have the waves to start with, follow the cues of glamazons like Blake Lively and Jennifer Lawrence, who have embraced curly hairstyles…with a little help. Here’s a quick DIY to achieve those lust worthy curls without having to get a perm.

1. Apply a palm size dose of curl mousse such as Kérastase Mousse Curl Idéal to towel dried hair and blow dry, using your fingers to lift the hair at the roots while drying. This will provide the foundation for bouncy and shaped curls with a natural hair touch.

2. Use a wand…and remember, the smaller the barrel, the tighter the curl. The easiest way to curl your hair is to section it and clip the top half up and away from the rest of the hair.

3. From the bottom section take 1-2 inch pieces of hair and wind them around the wand, away from the face. Stick to one direction to keep the curls uniform.

4. Do the same for the top section. When the entire mane is curly, remember the golden rule – do not brush your hair!

5. Once you’ve finished, rake through the curls with your fingers to loosen the waves and create volume. Sprinkle with a little dust such as L’Oréal Tecni-Art Super Dust around the crown to hold the wave.


Here are the top Australian Hair Trends will you be sporting this summer 2018/19

Australian women have in the past shied away from warmer tones and opted for more ash, cool shades when it comes to going blonde, thanks to an embedded fear of brassiness that’s long been associated with warmer tones. No more we say...warm is the new ash! Ash tends to build up in the hair, resulting in lacklustre dull tones. With the more complex approach to colour that’s really in demand from clients in salon, fashion techniques and creative toners are becoming the norm, so there’s no need to fear golden hues any longer. Summer hair colour sparkles with golden tones – the key is to mix it with other shades to really nail that added dimension lighter hair needs to elevate your blonde hair to next level brilliance and amp up the shine factor. For a perfectly natural balayage, such as the exclusive Franck Provost Balayage 2Ors technique, combine warm gold and amber with creamy vanilla and honey to get that stunning summer sunkissed look. Or for a very light blonde, pair solar and polar shades for a multi-dimensional look that’s just ideal for short hair.


Here are the top Australian Hair Trends will you be sporting this summer 2018/19

Bangs can be a game changer for any hair style, long or short, and they are the quickest way to say #makeover when it comes to daring for new hair look. The beauty of fringes is that they can be worn in a myriad of ways to suit the look you want on any given day. Low maintenance options, such as long side bangs, are versatile and easy to style. Even a full fringe can be worn pushed back or swept forward depending on the style statement you want to make. Create an alternative side parting and you have a completely different look in a matter of minutes.


Here are the top Australian Hair Trends will you be sporting this summer 2018/19

It makes perfect sense to get the chop as the weather warms up. No more hair sticking to the back of your neck as the mercury rises, short cropped hair is on trend and makes a strong statement. Play around with layers to suit your face shape. Brave a beautiful pixie crop a la Kate Hudson at this year’s Golden Globes, or keep your layers long on top for the ultimate in versatility. This way you can texturise your hair with product to add volume or keep it smooth and chic tucked away behind your ears, giving the impression of a longer look that’s really a short haircut.


Here are the top Australian Hair Trends will you be sporting this summer 2018/19

Let’s face it, we’d all love to ditch work and go on an extended vacation, wouldn’t we? Glowing skin, sunkissed hair, relaxed vibe…yes please! Well if you can’t make the trip in person, but still want that ‘I’ve just been on holidays in the Caribbean for a month’ look, try Franck Provost’s exclusive hair contouring technique Indian Sun. This clever little gem uses tones just 2-3 shades lighter than your natural hair colour, placed strategically around the hair perimeter to enhance your face shape and skin tone. Whether your face is oval, round, square or heart shaped determines where the colour is placed and better still, it’s totally low maintenance and natural! So you’ll get that holiday makeover you desperately want…for a fraction of the cost. #winning

Words: Jenny Burns, Franck Provost Paris

Images: Supplied