Magnifique hair: Franck Provost Paris Australia

Written by Jessica Lunan

After enviable locks with a touch of French elegance? You can’t go past Franck Provost Paris Australia.

When visiting a hair salon, do you have a penchant for a luxe experience like no other? Do you crave attentive care, leading techniques and sublime style all with a touch of French elegance? If you’re already relaxing at the sheer thought of this pamper session then it’s time for you to say bonjour to Franck Provost Paris Australia, the maestros in creating sophisticated and totally enviable crowns of beauty.

For more than 40 years, Franck Provost has dominated the international hair design scene. Opening their first Parisian space in 1975, the artisans quickly became France’s number 1 salon brand, an accolade that has continued across the globe. With almost 20 Franck Provost salons in Australia, your search for stylish locks could be just around the corner!

They're famed for their world class stylists, dynamic techniques and attentive service, complete with champagne and the planets best head massages. You're guaranteed an indulgent and bespoke escape as your strands get the attention they deserve.

After enviable locks with a touch of French elegance? You can’t go past Franck Provost Paris Australia.

With a vision of making Parisian style and luxury know how accessible to women around the world, the acclaimed salons are experts in creating a 5-star grand experience. Annually over 10 million clients flock through the Franck Provost doors to receive first class treatments. Also boasting an extensive list of celebrity clientele, they have been tending the locks of global superstars for the Cannes Film Festival for more than 20 years.

We know it's not just us who turns to Instagram when searching for skilled, on-trend hair stylists. With Franck Provost’s social media bursting with positive testimonials, your tresses are sure to receive a tres magnifique treatment. Reputed Australian beauty editors and bloggers Eleanor Pendleton, Renae Leith-Manos, Michelle Crossan and style engineer Amber Renae are all passionate advocates of Franck Provost and receive thousands of comments daily from their followers asking, ‘who does your hair?’.

The highly esteemed salons are known for being pioneers of the worlds most coveted trends such as balayage and hair contouring. This season, be inspired by the rich copper shades and icy blondes from their sultry Winter 2017 collection, Women. After an intricate style and an injection of radiance? Their Indian Sun colouring technique strategically places highlights of chestnut and copper blonde throughout your hair to sculpt and complement your complexion. Other key looks set to dominate the cooler months include 70s-esque fringes and shaggy, tousled bangs finished with wild, rock chic upstyles.

After enviable locks with a touch of French elegance? You can’t go past Franck Provost Paris Australia.

What’s unique about Franck Provost is that regardless of the location, their warm welcome, supreme service and unrivalled technique is the same. Personalisation is of the utmost importance for the salon. Every appointment includes a detailed consultation so your stylist understands your desires and can create healthy, wearable looks to enhance your natural beauty and lifestyle. Embark on your Franck Provost Paris Australia journey today!

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