Beauty tips on upping your beauty game this V'Day

Expert beauty tips on upping your beauty game this Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and the perfect occasion to enjoy some well deserved pampering treatments to get you in the mood for love! Whether you’ll be spending the night with your long time beau, have a hot new date to impress, or planning to celebrate being single and fabulous with friends, never has there been a better time to indulge in some sumptuous beauty treatments in preparation for the big day!

From the crème de la crème of facials, to a perfectly sun kissed all-over tan, and everything in between, Sarah Pelham, beauty expert at beauty and wellness booking platform, Bookwell, shares her hottest tips and favourite beauty treatments that will get hearts racing this Valentine’s Day:

Get Bambi-like lashes

Set hearts a-fluttering this Valentine’s Day with some extra help in the lash department by treating yourself to a smoky set of lash extensions, perfect for some serious flirtation with your loved one or potential date. Rather than layers of clumpy mascara that can smudge and sweat in the midsummer heat, or a set of false lashes that can be tricky to master with the precision involved, leave your lashes in the hands of an expert and set hearts racing as you celebrate the most romantic day of the year. Lash extensions start from $140.

De fuzz your limbs

If ever there’s a time when extra care should be taken when it comes to hair removal, Valentine’s Day is it. Unsightly hair or a patchy home wax simply won’t cut it when the romance stakes are high, so what better time than any to turn to an expert. Whether you want a hot wax, or a more permanent solution like laser, there are a variety of ways to get rid of unwanted hair. Ensure any hair removal is booked in a couple of days prior to Valentine’s Day to make sure any red or sensitive skin has had a chance to recover post treatment. Starting from $45 for a bikini wax and $99 a session for laser hair removal.

Get your glow on

A sun kissed tan from head to toe will make you look and feel sexy, especially for Valentine’s Day. And while sunbaking in the sun can be damaging to your skin and leave it dry and flaky - a home tan job can leave tell-tale signs with orange hands and a streaky finish. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to leave it to the professionals to make sure you’re feeling your very best in time for the big day. Spray tan starts from $35.

Flawless skin

There’s nothing like a rejuvenating facial to get your skin ready for a night out with your other half, and few things can leave your face with a natural and nourishing glow like an indulgent facial. While for some occasions do-it-yourself cucumber slices and homemade oatmeal masks will do the job, others call for a more sumptuous treat. Book yourself in for a facial a week before the big day for the best results, and to make sure your skin is dewy fresh and blemish free in time for date night. A classic facial should last 60 minutes and start at $90.

Pampering partners

If you want to combine a present for your beloved with some serious pampering and a Valentine’s Day to remember, why not book you and your loved one in for a couple’s massage? Few things say romance like a candle lit room and some tranquil music while both you and your partner’s muscles are soothed under the hands of a professional. Choose from a relaxing hot stone, to a more invigorating Thai massage and treat yourself and your other half to a sensual Valentine’s Day gift. Couple’s Thai massage, from $160.