A Day In The Life Of Jewellery Designer Eliise Maar

Introducing ELIISE MAAR, the self-eponymous jewellery label that boasts an impressive collection of contemporary bespoke minimalist jewellery. Based in Melbourne, the world-renowned brand uses locally sourced precious metals and gems that are handcrafted and made to last in excess of 90 years!

We had the opportunity to speak with designer and entrepreneur Eliise about how it all began through to what an average day looks like in her creative world.

10 pieces for the perfect capsule summer wardrobe

We all love jumping on board a hot new fashion trend but let’s face it, no wardrobe would be complete without the essentials. From the classic white tee to a versatile maxi dress, here are some of the key essentials you should have in your summer capsule wardrobe.

5 ways you can wear your workwear on the weekend

Are you tired of wearing the same few outfits over and over but aren’t willing to splash out on a new wardrobe? We are here to show you some of the easiest and most stylish ways to wear your workwear on the weekend.

Best Australian maternity fashion destinations

For the past few months, you, our readers have been asking where to shop for feminine, on-trend and unique maternity clothing. We made it our mission to share with you 3 beautiful brands whom are filling that much needed gap in the marketplace with styles that are gorgeous, effortless and timeless. 

Interview with Pamela Easton & Lydia Pearson on Brisbane Exhibition

Iconic Brisbane fashion house Easton Pearson is being honoured with an exhibition of their archives at the Museum of Brisbane, opening on the 23rd of November. We caught up with designers Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson to chat about their passion for ethical fashion and creating your own style.

Brisbane lawyer Rebecca Pierluigi designs anti-twist RP Skirts

Do you love the look of pencil skirts but shy away from the constant wardrobe adjustments, ill fit and sweaty fabrics? Well, thanks to Brisbane lawyer Rebecca Pierluigi, you can now get your hands on the perfect pencil skirt. Simply put, her clever designs don't twist or ride up!