Women's Boots Styles For 2020

Boots have always been considered staple footwear because it has perfectly combined fashion and function. Its large area provides enough canvas for various designs while providing ample protection to your legs. It’s no wonder that boots are the shoes of choice during the cold, winter months.

This year, women’s boots continue to be on-trend. It’s tempting to watch models strut down the runway rocking this type of kick. Its versatility allows it to complete any ensemble, regardless of whether you’re going for a grungy aesthetic or a chic, sophisticated vibe.


boots are timeless style staples.


Here are the styles that you should watch out for in 2020:


1. Thigh Highs

Nothing beats the sultry look that thigh-high boots provide. You can layer them over a pair of jeans or use them to complement your shift dress. Just be mindful of the length and fit of the various components of your outfit.

Some tips to help you style thigh-high boots:

• Strive for Balance - Make sure that the length combinations of your blouse, skirt, dress, pants, shorts, and boots complement each other. Thigh-high boots are best paired with long winter coats.
• Play with Layers - As mentioned above, you can layer your boots over your pants or skinny jeans. Doing this gives the lower portion of your body more depth.
• Try for a Monochromatic Look - Wearing just one colour instantly elevates your look into something high fashion. For instance, you can wear an all-black ensemble, from your coat to your thigh-high boots, and just add a few statement items in bold accent colors like red or gold.
• Stick to Classic Materials - While other people might be able to pull off denim boots, you might want to choose something more toned down. Classic materials like leather and suede are your best bets.


2. Cowboy Boots

Embrace and enhance your Western style by donning some cowboy boots—or rather “cowgirl boots.” This timeless classic will get you through a particularly stressful week at work comfortably while still being fashionable. You can choose from an assortment of designs and lengths, from a pair that reaches just above your ankles to one that goes as high as your shin.
Another factor to consider is the shape of the toe area. You can choose from pointed, square, and rounded. Your cowboy boots should fit like a glove, so you ought to check how comfortable your toes are with the different forms.


cowboy boots can be dressed up or down.


3. Kitten Heels

Boots with kitten heels give your footwear a feminine vibe. It’s perfect for date nights at the cinema or arcade with your significant other. You can pair it with a midi skirt or dress to make sure that others take notice of your kicks.

White is a beautiful colour for this type of boot. The hue can catch the eye, especially when you wear it with pop or pastel shades at the top. Just make sure to check the weather forecast when you decide to wear white kitten heel boots because you might end up with a muddy pair before the day ends.


4. Platform Boots

Girl group fans know the appeal of platform boots. They provide you with the elevation that you need to face the world with confidence. This type looks good with a mini skirt. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it elongates the look of your legs. Go for a classic black with lace and chunky heels to make a statement without saying anything.


5. Combat Boots

For the ultimate comfort without sacrificing style, you can opt for combat boots. These are perfect for those lazy days when you just need to go on a quick run at the store but still want to be camera-ready. Pair it with a camouflage jacket for that military aesthetic while making sure to add a touch of feminine vibe with a short floral dress.
Similar to platform boots, you might want a pair that laces up, just to add to its visual appeal. You can even get one with a gold buckle, which makes it a statement piece automatically.



You can consider boots as a woman’s best friend since it combines fashion and function seamlessly. If you’re feeling particularly sultry, you can go for thigh-highs and a monochromatic look for date night. For your office outfit, you can wear practical ankle-length cowboy boots, especially if you have to run around the city to meet your deadlines.
Boots with kitten heels add a touch of feminine vibe to your ensemble, while platform boots provide you with a height boost for confidence. Another practical option are combat boots, which are great for casual days.