Western Style Tips For The Cowgirl

cowgirl fashion 01

Cowgirls are popular for their extraordinary sense of fashion involving hats, denim, and boots. Any girl can look unique in a country fashion and a cowgirl look can be achieved in many ways. This look can let you express various attitudes from cool to feisty. Sport a cowgirl look using these Western style tips and some essentials.

Check out the following tips to help you dress up like a fashionable cowgirl.

1. The perfect boots. A great pair of boots should be the first on your list when you want that cowgirl element into your style. Look for neutral colors like brown or black with a height at or below your knees. Find a comfortable fit and high-quality leather with a design you like, such as those from Tecovas, which you can get from www.tecovas.com. Boots adorned with fringes will also be helpful in giving you that country-inspired look. For a classic but fierce look, pair a black dress with your cowgirl boots.

2. Do denim. To achieve that cowgirl look, go for denim next. Dark or light denim can work at any time of the year.

Here are some denim tips for the different seasons:

  • Winter and Fall – Look for comfortable denim jeans that will give you enough coverage in this cold time of the year. Boot-cut and straight leg jeans will work for that Western look.
  • Summer and Spring – Keep yourself cool by opting for denim skirts. For a cowgirl look, find a straight-cut skirt with enough length to reach above the knees. Find a comfortably fitted skirt to keep that chic and cool look in this warm season.

Aside from skirts and jeans, you can also use other denim items including jackets or vests.

  • Try wearing a denim vest over a button-down shirt and denim jeans, or try using the same top outfit over khaki pants.
  • Try a different look by wearing a denim vest over a dress.
  • Denim jackets are classic cowgirl items that can be worn throughout the year and paired with non-Western clothing pieces.
  • For that country look, wear a denim jacket over a plaid shirt and denim jeans or skirt.

3. Top with a hat. Find a cowboy hat to get that look. A classic suede hat will do, or you can make it funky if you want to look unique. Hats with a feather, band, or oversized brims are great for daily wear.

cowgirl fashion 01

4. Add Western jewelry. Getting that Western style means focusing on the country’s natural elements. Think about colorful native American beads made into bracelets to necklaces. You can also get away with this look by using turquoise jewelry on a silver chain.

5. Go for fringe. Add a funky feel to your look using fantastic fringe. When used in moderation, it will complete your fashionable cowgirl look. Fringe is used to accent boots, jackets or vests. These are made from suede or leather, but you can also find colorful beaded fringe for a catchy style.

6. Choose your button-downs. For a comfortable Western look, opt for plaid button-down shirts. Although plaid prints are common among cowgirls, you can also pair them with non-Western items. Choose fabrics in shades of blue or red for a classic look that will go great with any choice of bottom.

Here are some plaid tips to keep in mind.

  • Fit. Young women may want to wear a plaid shirt and tie a knot at its bottom to reveal those abs. This might work well for the summer, but if you are not into showing some skin, a fitted plaid shirt will do.
  • Color. Red plaid and blue plaid are common in a Western attire as it shows off a patriotic vibe.
  • Fabric. Choose cotton plaid fabrics to stay fresh in the summer and spring. Look for flannel plaid fabrics for spring and winter to keep you warm.

7. Add a bandana. This is an accessory that will help you pull your Western style together. A bandana in a common Western pattern can be worn around your head or neck. Choose a color that will match your outfit.

8. Choose leather accessories. Leather accessories will take your cowgirl look to a higher level. Here are some ideas:

  • Wrist cuff. To achieve that country vibe, wear a leather wrist cuff instead of a common bangle or bracelet.
  • Belt. Wear a leather belt to add charm and style to your country look. A leather belt with a fashionable belt buckle statement will emphasize your curves.
  • Hat. A leather hat is a great way to add leather into your style.

Closing Thoughts

A cowgirl look is both fashionable and sensible, where it combines masculinity, femininity, and country charm. To get that country chic style, choose cowgirl-inspired items that can easily be worn for a non-Western vibe. While dressing up as a wild West woman doesn’t come with rules, follow the given tips to create a unique look.