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Fashion is one of the most fast paced and revolutionary industries in the world. Trends evolve, mature and develop every year making it tough for us to keep up with the fashion VIPs. Luckily you don’t have to analyse every celebrity event or pay attention to each runway show to get a head’s up on what you should be buying for the upcoming season, just continue reading to get an insight into the 2020 trends you should be paying attention to.


The year is 2020, life is hectic and our fashion choices should reflect this. The term casual wear is broadening and it’s becoming more admissible to rock casual clothing when you’re out and about. High street clothing brands such as 3rd story clothing are making trendy garments that are affordable and high fashion meaning that you can deal with what life has to throw at you whilst looking your best. Statement sneakers are the another 2020 trend that will perfectly compliment your new casual style. Chunky sneakers are comfortable and can be worn with more sophisticated pieces like blazers and tailored trousers. If you prefer a more formal look then you’ll be happy to hear that the classic white shirt with a twist is quickly approaching high street stores ready for the start of 2020. This classic staple piece has been reinvented with ruching, cropping and embellishments to bring it into the 21st century and add a contemporary twist.


If you’re personality is bold and you’re feeling keen to make a statement with your choice of print then you’re in luck. 2020 will see some outrageous and colourful fabrics on the high street meaning that they’ll be accessible for all. Bright colours and floral patterns will adorn many eye catching garments so it will be easy for you to impress your friends with your fashion forward outfit choices. Unlike previous seasons designers have moved away from print mixing and have chosen to use more intense prints individually. If intense colours aren’t your thing maybe the next on trend print for 2020 will be more your style. The classic 70’s tie-die technique is making a come back and has a place in everybody’s wardrobe. It’s subtle, diverse and easy to wear, making it the ideal alternative to a bold floral print for someone who wants to add colour to their outfit of choice.


Powerful prints, floral patterns and bold stripes aren’t for everybody, and that’s ok. It takes guts to put on a wild print and hit the town but you can incorporate colour and still feel comfortable; Choosing garments that add block colour to your outfit can have an even more dramatic effect if you get it right. For Spring/Summer 2020 warm orange tones are on trend and compliment beautiful olive or khaki shades that are also set to hit high street in 2020. If your skin tone shrieks at the thought of those colour palettes then adding a biscay green will help you stay fashion forward whilst complimenting your natural assets. This cool and refreshing aqua shade was dotted through out the runway this season and you can match it with a pale pink shade for the most femanin spring look.


By carefully considering style, prints and colour you can easily pick out a wardrobe that will have all your friends feeling jealous about your fashion knowledge. Keeping casual and being brave enough to experiment with bold colours and prints will ensure that your fashion forward without the faux pas in 2020.

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