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Beach-to-bar glam has never been so easy.

Imagine you’re relaxing by the pool on the perfect summer day, rocking your bikini and feeling fabulous. Then someone suggests hitting the bar for sunset cocktails. A perfect way to end a day of soaking in the sunshine – but first, you have to go and change into a dinner-and-drinks outfit.

3kini is the ultimate in poolside glamour, comprising of a unique bikini with a third piece that can be attached, allowing you to transform your look into a stylish cocktail dress in under ten seconds. It is the perfect way to move from day to night, beach to bar. Plus, it saves you time! 3kini’s aim is to allow women to enjoy more of their leisure time, so you can feel confident and sexy without missing out on any of the fun.

Designed and produced on the Gold Coast, 3kini utilises luxe, body-sculpting Italian fabrics in vibrant prints and rich colours to create the perfect “everywear” outfit: elegant, versatile, and combining functionality with fashion. Perfect that effortless style and take the stress out of dressing for dinner by letting 3kini take you from day to night.

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Each 3kini is designed with women in mind: every carefully crafted piece will have you feeling sophisticated and confident, whether you’re relaxing on the beach or sipping Champagne by candlelight. We love the Black Tulip, a daring design that is both sexy and classic, taking the little black dress to new levels of versatility! 3kini’s transformative designs are all about self-love and embracing your unique beauty, something that is reflected in the eye-catching, flattering designs. What’s more, 25% of the line is made from recycled materials, with 3kini aiming to be using 100% recycled materials by 2021. Style and sustainability have never been so luxurious!

3kini is a complete holiday wardrobe in three simple pieces – your new secret weapon to packing light for adventures and always having the perfect ensemble, no matter the occasion. Create memories and feel effortlessly styled wherever you are with 3kini.

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