Sustainable fashion: 5 ways we can all do our bit

Choosing sustainable fashion is easier than you think.

Sustainable fashion is a term that is becoming more and more prevalent, especially as more of us are familiarising ourselves with the plight of our oceans and the pressure fast fashion is putting on natural resources.

Here we'll explore 5 ways we can all do our bit and make better, sustainable fashion choices:

Choose sustainable brands

Whether you’re looking for new swimwear or your summer accessories need a makeover, consider turning away from your traditional high street and online stores and try a sustainable brand instead. Recycled sunglasses from Szade are a perfect example of how you can look good without harming the planet. Manufactured from broken and damaged sunglasses, these unwanted pieces of plastic are then reborn into stylish, unisex sunglasses that come in a range of unique styles with full UV protection. Every step of their design, manufacturing and distribution process has been curated with the planet in mind. Every material and every practice mirrors their eco-friendly ethos. This makes it easier than ever for us to do our bit for the planet.

Turn off your tumble drier

Not only do tumble driers use high amounts of energy, but using them also risks the quality and fit of your clothes, which could lead to replacement purchases and more landfill waste. By turning off your drying machine and finding natural ways to dry your clothes instead, you're actively reducing your carbon footprint and lowering your contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.

Repair before you replace

If we all knew how to repair broken zips, replace lost buttons and patch up our jeans, there would be a considerable difference in the amount of fabric that ends up in landfill. By learning how to repair your clothes, you'll not only save yourself a bundle but reduce your dependency on fast fashion. And, cobblers are still in existence! Get to know your local one and you’ll find that your favourite pair of boots will not only last one winter season but for seasons to come.

Make someone else happy with your unloved pieces

Just because you wouldn’t be seen dead in that dress you once wore for a friend’s wedding, doesn’t mean you should just throw it away. Fabrics and clothing that are thrown in with traditional waste are either destined for landfill or will be incinerated - either way, it’s bad news for the environment. Consider donating your old clothing to charity and make someone else happy with your unloved pieces.

Purchase with sustainability in mind

Not only can you find great eyewear without putting pressure on the planet, but you can also shop for other pieces with the same ethos. Trainers with soles made from sustainably sourced rubber, or colourful jumpers and shirts made from 100% organic cotton, even purchasing vintage jewellery rather than brand new can make a huge difference to the longevity of your pieces and the planet.

Final thoughts…

We all know that we need to do our bit to preserve the planet’s resources, reduce our carbon footprint and protect wildlife. The steps above are the perfect way to approach sustainability in your fashion choices.