Wedding Dresses: Is Timeless or Modern the Way To Go?

Should you opt for a timeless wedding dress or something modern and on-trend?

 Will your wedding dress be timeless or modern?

You’re engaged - yay! But now comes the difficult yet exciting task of having to choose a dress. When looking at designer wedding gowns there are so many things to consider. For example, do you want something timeless and classic, or something that is bang on-trend? Here are some thoughts to consider.



There are some dresses (and hairstyles!) that you can look at and instantly know that the wedding took place in the 1980s. It might not seem like it right now, but there will be photos that your children will look back on and know that a wedding occurred in the 2000s, 2010s and even 2020s eventually.

A timeless wedding dress means that you will hopefully look back on your photos in 20 years and love them, rather than cringing, but how do you choose a timeless dress? Choosing a classic shape with some decent coverage is one way to make sure your dress doesn’t look too dated. That doesn’t mean full modesty covering up. A deep v-neck or lace back is elegant but also classic.



If you’re someone super fashionable, sleek and cool, your guests are likely to be shocked to see you in a classic wedding gown, and you yourself might feel as though that choice is a little too “modest” for you. Do you want to look back on your wedding and feel that yes, your dress is timeless and classic, but at the same time, feel like you’re not yourself because you’re not showing off your creative, fashionable side?

Current wedding trends include two-piece outfits, perhaps a top and skirt, or even top and flared trousers. Cutouts have recently been very much on-trend, but at the other end of the scale, full coverage gowns are incredibly fashion-forward and feel as though you’ve stepped onto the aisle at a royal wedding.

As an alternative to a white or ivory dress, buff or ginger are the new colours to be seen in - somewhere between blush and champagne but flattering to different skin tones. White is a very classic, timeless colour, but there’s no reason not to break the status quo.


There are pros and cons to choosing a timeless, classic dress or opting for something very modern and fashionable. Knowing how each one is going to age is something no one can really predict and there is some charm in looking back at the outfits worn on your wedding day and having a little laugh at what was the trend at the time.

Ultimately, the most important thing is that you wear something you feel amazing in. Whatever makes you feel beautiful and special, whether that’s an enormous tulle dress, a quirky rainbow tea dress, a sleek black pantsuit, a dress straight off the cover of Vogue, or just a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and your favourite pair of thongs. It’s your wedding and if you feel good in what you wear you’re going to shine, which is the most important thing.