Fashion life hacks you should consider trying

There seem to be life hacks for every part of our lives these days, with online video tutorials teaching all kinds of helpful tips for improving efficiency and productivity to millions of couch potatoes around the world. Of course this means that there are life hacks for fashion too, which is great if you want to look good but don’t have a lot of spare cash. Try these five fashion hacks for size – and style!

What to look for to get a good fit for jeans!

If you haven’t bought a pair of jeans for a while, take some time to study the various shapes (or fits as they are called in the jeans world) and pay attention to both the leg length and the rise (the distance the jeans go towards your waist). Don’t just buy the first pair you lay your hands on, or worse, buy it without trying it on!

5 Important Steps to Become a Model

Modeling is an attractive career. It’s a lucrative business and craft. You look good all the time, and the pay is good as well. Pictures of you get featured on magazines, websites, billboards, newspapers, pamphlets, and the like.

Now how does one become a model?

Your must-have accessories for getting back into the gym

January is long gone and sadly, so is our fitness regime. But while we understand that getting back into the swing of things just isn’t that appealing right now (winter come at us), we have the perfect solution to get you motivated. Some new gym accessories! So hit up the shops and reward your (future) self for all the hard work. Happy exercising!

A Day In The Life Of Jewellery Designer Eliise Maar

Introducing ELIISE MAAR, the self-eponymous jewellery label that boasts an impressive collection of contemporary bespoke minimalist jewellery. Based in Melbourne, the world-renowned brand uses locally sourced precious metals and gems that are handcrafted and made to last in excess of 90 years!

We had the opportunity to speak with designer and entrepreneur Eliise about how it all began through to what an average day looks like in her creative world.

10 pieces for the perfect capsule summer wardrobe

We all love jumping on board a hot new fashion trend but let’s face it, no wardrobe would be complete without the essentials. From the classic white tee to a versatile maxi dress, here are some of the key essentials you should have in your summer capsule wardrobe.

5 ways you can wear your workwear on the weekend

Are you tired of wearing the same few outfits over and over but aren’t willing to splash out on a new wardrobe? We are here to show you some of the easiest and most stylish ways to wear your workwear on the weekend.

Best Australian maternity fashion destinations

For the past few months, you, our readers have been asking where to shop for feminine, on-trend and unique maternity clothing. We made it our mission to share with you 3 beautiful brands whom are filling that much needed gap in the marketplace with styles that are gorgeous, effortless and timeless.