Bamboo Fashion Fix - A Spotlight on Sustainable Style

sustainable style 01

If there was to be one theme that is reflective of our current generation, it is sustainability. That’s not to say we have reached the summit of potential, as there are so many more areas and industries that could be and should be exploring sustainable solutions. The fashion industry, previously synonymous with everything but sustainability, have risen to the challenge and are making waves with the array of sustainable style options available. Bamboo is the key ingredient in this movement, with more benefits than you may think.

Why bamboo?

You may be wondering what bamboo is doing anywhere near textile production and how it has impacted the industry in such a short amount of time. Does wearing bamboo clothing have any benefit outside of sustainability, and what does it feel like to wear? A bamboo bra, as with other bamboo clothing, is naturally hypoallergenic, which means that it provides breathable fashion that is soft on the skin. The natural elements afford the wearer a cool option in summer, and warmth in winter. If eczema is something that plagues you in the cooler months, then bamboo may just be your element as it wicks excess moisture removing the possibility of an uncomfortable flare up.

Ethically made

Pollution is one thing, but inhumane working conditions is another area that demands the attention of small, medium and large brands. Sustainable fashion extends beyond emissions and shines a light on how and who makes our fashion. The answer to both is not something our society should be proud of. Enter sustainable and ethically made clothing. Leading sustainable fashion houses are employing staff under the Australian Textile, Clothing, Footwear and Associated Industries Award 2010, which gives way to a reasonable wage and optimal working conditions. This goes against the shameful industry pattern that perpetuates forced labour, child labour and the withholding of wages. If you hadn’t already, take the time to ask where your fashion goods came from and in what condition were they produced?

Same designs, same expertise

Don’t confuse new with inexperienced. The sustainable movement may be in its infancy, but that’s not to say that it is being administered by those who haven’t enjoyed decades in the industry. These goods are not being whipped up in the living rooms of a fashion hopeful, but rather in a production warehouse with high-quality equipment. Existing heads of fashion are integrating sustainable measures in their own production spaces, and some have even paired off to start their own enterprises. If you are wondering what sort of quality you can expect when ordering bamboo clothing, you need only look to the leaders producing these goods and trust their experience and passion for the craft.

Supporting sustainable endeavours

We tend to stay loyal to the brands that have served us over the years. We love how they look and feel, and support them after years of satisfaction. Why not challenge yourself to explore sustainable fashion and incorporate these pieces into your cycle? There are many causes to support and attach yourself to, but not many more beneficial for the environment and humanity than sustainable living. Change the way you consume fast fashion, and invest in the environment over chemicals and pollution. You may just find that your new favourite brands are bamboo-based.


The harsh conditions and harsher realities of the fashion industry are hard to look at in the face, which is why sustainable fashion is gaining the traction we have seen. Leveraging readily available natural elements that are generous to our bodies can be your stand against pollution, chemicals and unfair working conditions.