How To Properly Store Vintage Purses And Handbags

vintage bag storing 02

Vintage handbags need to be stored properly to help prevent problems like sagging or bending. This is particularly true for large purses or totes since they can become damaged if they are stored improperly.

Fortunately, storing your favorite handbags correctly is easier than you might think. As an added bonus, it can even help make your closet more attractive and organized.

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Showcase Your Handbags On Shelves

If you have ever seen handbags on display at a high-end boutique, you already know how beautiful they look when they are displayed on shelves.

If you are going to store them on shelves in your closet, protect them from dust by putting them in see-through bags or boxes. That way, you can easily see them at a glance while still keeping them neatly organized.

Use acid-free papers stuffed inside the bags to help prevent sagging.

Don't place your handbags too close to any light bulbs. Allow a minimum distance of half-a-foot between your handbags and the nearest light bulb. This will help minimize the risk of fading.

Try Hanging Them

If space is at a premium in your closet, an over-the-door hanger or hook could be the perfect solution. Hanging your purses on the back of your closet door keeps them neatly organized while still protecting them from harm.

Larger bags, in particular, can benefit from hanging since it makes it easier for them to hold their shape.

Consider organizing your bags as you hang them. You may want to sort them by color, by their designer, or by whichever season they are most appropriate for. That will make it easy to find the perfect bag for any occasion.

If you want, you can even try hanging longer shoulder bags from S-hooks that are attached to the ceiling.

Use This Simple Trick To Organize Your Clutches

Keep your clutches organized by storing them in lidded plastic containers with acrylic dividers.

You can file them away in these containers much like you would with documents or books. For bags that are made out of fragile materials, consider using sweater dividers. This is especially important with clutches that are made out of easily-damaged materials like patent leather or satin. Lynk shelf dividers are an affordable option that you may want to try.

Try separating your clutches based on their color. Creating separate storage containers for different colors or for light or dark purses can make it easier to find what you need.

To keep handbags from getting scratched or scuffed up, protect them with tissue paper while they are in storage. This is especially important for bags that have beadwork or other decorative embellishments.

Extra Tips For Safely Storing Vintage Purses And Handbags

– Don't store purses inside of other handbags or totes. Even though this may seem like a space-saving option, it can actually wind up damaging your handbags by causing them to stretch.

– Don't allow suede purses to come in contact with one another. Otherwise, the dye could transfer between bags.

– Regularly remove dust from your handbags. This will help keep them from taking on a yellow tinge when exposed to the light in your closet.

– Hanging your handbags is an effective way to minimize the risk of damage since it prevents them from sagging and makes it easier for them to hold their shape.

– Always make sure that your handbags are dry before storing them – especially if you are storing leather handbags. If a handbag is wet, allow it to thoroughly dry out. Once it is dry, stuff crumpled up tissue paper or fabric into the bag to help it hold its original shape.

– Keep the handbags that you use the most often in an area that is easily accessible. Other less frequently used handbags can be stored away in containers.