Wearable Smart Clothes Shaking up the Fashion Industry

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The fashion industry is one of the most talked about industries in the world because it brings out talent, trends, and ideas that we didn’t know existed. However, it wouldn’t be fair to say that fashion lives in dresses only. There are many other things that hold the very essence of fashion. This is one of the reasons why the fashion industry is the most talked about, because it keeps on changing as technology changes.

Wondering what the latest addition in the fashion industry is? While AI and fashion have already began to merge, the answer is wearable smart clothing technology. If it wouldn’t have been for technology, then we wouldn’t have ever had this amazing change in the industry.

Just as the dependence on technology continues to grow every single day, it becomes important to realise the other possible ways through which it can accommodate our needs and wants.

What are smart clothes?

Wearable smart clothes are also known as smart fabrics. They operate with technology and can change colour or texture according to the environment they're worn in. Moreover, these fabrics are being accepted by many as they can easily calculate the temperature in a given environment and provide an accurate reading instantly.

How will the fashion industry welcome these clothes?

The fashion industry is highly cosmopolitan. With rampant changes in women and men’s clothing, seemingly minute to minute, it is no wonder that technology has found a comfortable place in the fashion world. One of the clear benefits of wearable technology clothing is the great cost saving for the future. Imagine if you could wear one shirt for the rest of the month? Here’s how it might happen...

If smart clothes can change colour easily, then they can also change their design every single day. This means that you won't have to rush to update your wardrobe and get new clothes every few weeks. The fashion industry is not just shaking but is on the verge of a complete transformation with this innovation.

What are the different types of smart clothes?

This technology has invaded almost all mainstream clothing items. The following are just some examples of wearable clothes:

- Smart shoes
- Pants
- Shirts
- Insoles
- Suits
- Jackets
- Bras
- Scarfs
- Bicycle helmets

You can see how much this technology has the potential to penetrate in our daily lives. The future effects of smart clothes are reinforced by the yoga experts at Mukti Freedom Yoga who say “wearable tech in yoga could help to provide real time data about heart rate, oxygen levels and body temperature. Not just creating better workouts but picking up on health issues in real time too.” Though not everyone can afford to buy them in the first place, as these items increase in popularity, the prices are expected to go down.

Is this a new age business idea?

Smart clothes make a unique business idea with relatively low competition due to the new emergence of wearable tech trends. With their currently low level of popularity in the world, this idea is something that can be taken up by new tech startups. However, one important thing to note is that the investment of good money is pivotal to making this project an ultimate success, particularly with tech startups. According to the financial experts at Max Funding, “there are many financing options available to entrepreneurs looking to invest in the growing smart clothes industry. With 46% of startups trying to raise funds at launch, a small business loan can provide the instant capital to get the ball rolling, giving you room to breath without putting too much financial pressure on your clothing business.”

What are your thoughts on smart clothes?

As technology continues to improve, it is likely that that smart clothes will become more and more common, possibly even the future of modern fashion. However, much care would still need to be taken to navigate these clothes. The fashion industry is rampantly growing across the world, which is why so many amazing trends are running down the streets every second. Smart clothes may not be the most well known of these trends yet, but they may well end up being the most memorable.