Wedding Bands and The Significance Of Them In Marriage

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For many centuries, the wedding band has been considered as one of the most iconic symbols of marriage. Since ancient times, it’s been a part of the tradition involving the union of husband and wife. Ancient Romans and Egyptians have been using forms of the wedding ring made out of precious metal and leaf rings as tokens exchanged during marriage rites. Here are the reasons that emphasize the significance of wedding bands in marriage:

Unique designs signify the couple’s individual character and identity.

We’re all aware of the traditional silver or gold wedding bands being used by couples worldwide. While it is wise to adhere to tradition and it doesn’t mean you’re losing your individuality, more and more unique and creative designs are being preferred as wedding rings today. If you’re shopping around for a one-of-a-kind wedding ring for your husband-to-be, you may purchase unique wedding bands from

You and your fiancé may opt to select unique designs to acknowledge your being in union with each other. At the same time, striking designs emphasize your individual characters and how you complement each other well.

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Wedding bands are physical symbols of commitment.

Following tradition, wearing the wedding ring in public tells everyone that you and your spouse are “off the market,” meaning that you’re already committed to each other in marriage. The wedding ring stands for a major sign of commitment that you both proudly wear everywhere you go after you’re married.

Your wedding bands likewise serve as a visual reminder to you and your spouse that you’ll stick things out in good times and in bad. If, for example, you’re having a particularly rough day, glancing at your well-chosen wedding band will remind you of your marriage and of having someone to turn to in your need. The same goes for your spouse when they glance at their own wedding band.

The shape of the wedding bands symbolizes endless and unlimited love.

In all cultures and traditions, the circle is an important shape. It reflects the endless and unlimited love that you and your spouse bring to the marriage. As the main symbol of marriage, the wedding band forges the fact that your love for each other is unconditional and eternal—the way genuine love should be. Some cultures likewise believe that the circle symbolizes the prosperity and health that marriage brings to the couple’s lives, further strengthening their relationship.

The materials used for wedding rings, as well as the painstaking craftsmanship, symbolize the great value of both spouses.

Almost all the time, wedding bands are made from precious metals and other materials. These materials signify that you and your partner are precious to each other. Selecting a precious metal is a symbol of how valuable your partner is, and this makes the wedding ring much more than a mere fashion accessory.

To add to its value, the impressive craftsmanship that’s involved in making wedding rings also signifies the time and effort it takes to strengthen the marriage as a relationship.

Personalized engravings in wedding bands add to their significance in marriage.

The added detail of personalized engraving on the rings, such as the names of the couple and the wedding date, means that these rings are particular to the couple and these engravings serve as constant reminders of their union. Other creative ideas for engraving include you and your husband’s motto or a line from a meaningful song, the place of your wedding, as well as any other memorable word.

Of course, engravings may be limited by the rings’ designs. You may need to find innovative ways to fit in significant information on such a limited space.

wedding band meaning 01

Wedding bands may carry a particular meaning within your religion.

While wedding rings are indeed external manifestations of your private bond with each other, these bands take on even more gravity in light of your religious beliefs. Since ancient times, a ring was worn as a mark of authority. When pressed onto heated wax, the mark of the ring places an official seal on legal and binding proclamations or documents.

When you and your spouse exchange wedding bands within a religious ceremony, you’re demonstrating your submission to a higher being’s authority over your marriage. You and your spouse acknowledge that the God you believe in brought you together for life and that you’re counting on Him to play a major part in sustaining your committed relationship.

Your wedding rings stand for the material resources you’ll both share once you’re married.

When you and your partner exchange wedding rings, you’re communicating that you’re both sharing your resources—money, material possessions, abilities, as well as feelings—with each other totally.


The exchange of wedding bands is both an ancient practice and a modern one. To this day, these pieces of jewelry still maintain their great importance in marriage rites as well as in societal norms. So, choose wedding rings that you will be proud and happy to wear every day for many years to come.