How to have a social life when you’re on a budget

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Struggling to afford going out? I’ve rounded up a few tips to making the most of staying in, being social and keeping those dollars in the bank.

I’ve recently moved out … alone. Yes, no roomies, just me, my shoes and my clothes. It’s been blissful because I’ve been able to style and decorate my home exactly how I’ve always dreamed. And the best part, the house always stays tidy and clean.

My personal space has been amazing, but making the decision to move out on my own means that my financial budget has taken a little bit of a hit. Obviously, one of the biggest benefits of having a roomie is that you get to split the bills.

So, to make sure I stay ahead of the game, I’ve had to slightly sacrifice my social life. That means tightening the reigns and swapping my Saturday brunch consisting of avocado on toast now to a homemade breakfast.

On that note, I wanted to share some tips that I’ve recently discovered to making budget life a little more exciting.

Swap dinners out for dinner parties in

I love going out for dinner, but instead of doing it a few times a week and spending way too much money on canapés and cocktails. I’ve started hosting dinner parties. It’s a cheap way to entertain your friends and show off your impressive cooking skills.

Amp up movie nights with cheese and wine

A quiet move night doesn’t mean it has to be basic, pour yourself a glass of red wine and indulge in a delicious cheese platter. Then throw on a good movie. Remember some of the best movies on Netflix will have you feeling nostalgic, hit you in the feels or have you laughing your way into a relaxing night to remember.

Swap brunch catch-ups for a picnic brunch on a sunny day

Like I said, I have had to trade in my pricey avocado on toast brunches, so I can keep my coins in the bank. So instead, I have been inviting my girlfriends over for a picnic brunch in my backyard. I’ve decorated the scene, added cushions, rugs and flowers and we’ve sat in the morning sun enjoying a menu made up of croissants, strawberries, mini pancakes, acai bowls and fresh apple and orange juice.

Do you have any suggestions that could be added to the list? Email me at I’d love to hear what you’ve done to save money while still maintaining your social life.