5 Ways to Keep Yourself Occupied During Your Lunch Break

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Keeping yourself occupied during your lunch break isn’t usually the hardest task. You might even find that your breaks zoom by faster than you’d like them to. However, breaks should be a means of refreshing so that you can be more productive at work. For some this means doing something other than work, while for others they just need something entertaining to get up to. If you need tips or a little inspiration to keep you occupied, you’re in the right place. Below are 5 ways that you can keep yourself occupied during your lunch break.

Go for a Walk

It’s been advised that you take regular breaks and keep your body moving during work hours. This is because people tend to stay glued to their desks and this can affect your health in different ways. To keep yourself occupied, go for a walk during your break whether it be around the office premises or beyond. According to walking.heartfoundation.org.au not only will it also give your brain the boost you need., but it can also give you a healthier heart.


If you can find a quiet corner, try meditating during your lunch break. This will be especially helpful if you find you’re having an emotionally charged or stressful day. If you’ve not tried meditating before, you may think it isn’t something you can do during work hours. However, you only need a couple of minutes to get effective results.

All you’d need to do is sit on the floor, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. Focusing on your breathing is the key to effective meditation. If you need a little help, you can Popsugar.co.uk suggests meditation apps such as Insight Timer, Headspace, or Calm.

Play a Game

Playing games can be an entertaining way to pass time during your lunch break. It could prove to be the perfect activity if you want to take your mind off of work and draw your attention elsewhere. Unibet is a popular platform which you can play casino games or place a bet on if that’s something you enjoy doing.


During work hours, it can be easy to find that people get so wrapped up in work that they seldom interact with colleagues. a survey carried out by news.com.au even fond that Australians are less inclined to spend time with work colleagues. with that being said, connecting with people at work can help you feel more at home as well as part of a community. In addition to this, it could also be a great way of brainstorming new ideas or plans.

Catch up On Personal Tasks

If you’ve been putting off calling your bank or renegotiating your mortgage agreement, your break is a good time to get it done. For those who have a chaotic home life, you may find it more convenient. Find a quiet place and ensure you have all of the information you need to get your tasks done. Personal tasks could mean updating your personal website, writing a blog post or working on a new poem.