When television and media personality Samuel Levi made the decision to undergo a hair transplant, he knew he wanted to be transparent about it to his six-figure following. After all, like other cosmetic procedures, this would not be an easy one to keep under wraps! So why not be upfront about a procedure that over half a million people worldwide undergo in a year?

Samuel kindly agreed to share his journey with Fashion Weekly.




“I am such an open book, for the majority of my life. My relationships, my family, my sexuality - I opened up all on national television and every day to my online audience. BUT it did take me a lot to want to open up and talk about this so openly: honest and raw. I made the decision to bring everyone along the journey with me because I want to NORMALISE this and allow other males to know this is common, and even strong individuals like myself suffer behind closed doors. I'm not getting any younger and want to live my most happy and authentic self and want to display this. This was the way to do it. Being open, honest, vulnerable, and relatable. I am glad I have done this and seeing the reactions, messages and questions coming through I have been mindblown and feel like I have made the right decision. I will continue now to move forward to openly speak about this topic, my procedure, and updates.”


So what brought about this decision, and was it influenced by life in the public eye?


“Getting a hair transplant has certainly been something I have seriously been considering over the past two/or three years. I have noticed I started to have thinner hair as the years have gone by, and I even noticed this often during my time on television on Married At First Sight. It wasn't ’til watching myself back and seeing critics online comment on appearances that makes you think about these things. I honestly also believe on top of family genetics, that COVID didn't help, and the stressful 18months certainly made me feel like my hairline was going further back by the week.”


For Samuel, the choice of clinic was as important as deciding to do the procedure itself. After hours of research, he chose Hair Doctors at Bondi Junction, where Dr Ateka Khan and Dr Oz performed the extensive two-day procedure and provided support leading up to and in the aftermath of the surgery.


“This was certainly not an easy decision to go ahead with straight away, due to how long the process is, how active I am with either attending events, working with my brands online, and the thought of what the aftermath is possibly going to look like, but once I flew home a couple of months ago to New Zealand, saw my family and came back… This was the time to start to focus more on myself and leave all those worries behind. A big decision, that even after day 1 of surgery, I knew I had made the right decision, and I am beyond excited to see the final results.”


We love Samuel’s dedication to promoting self-love and the transparency with which he approaches his life! As fans, we have followed along on his journey and are so thrilled and proud that he has taken these steps to improving his confidence, and that he is using his platform to work on destigmatising hair loss solutions for all genders.

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