MAFS groom Harrison's "Teary Tell-All" with Dom and Ella

Written by Hanna Sloan

Harrison Boon appears to cry on the couch during a Married at First Sight commitment ceremony.

Controversial Married At First Sght groom Harrison Boon has shared his version of this season's events in a bumper two-hour interview, earning himself two whole episodes of the popular podcast Sit With Us, hosted by 2022 MAFS stars Ella Ding and Domenica Calarco. 

More than once, the 32-year-old became teary, choking up as he described his relationship with his son, and later his friendships with the other grooms from the popular reality TV show that has catapaulted him to fame - or infamy. 

 "If it doesn't work out, I'll be famous."

In a clip posted to the Sit With Us podcast Instagram, Ella hilariously side-eyes the camera as Harrison appears to get particularly emotional. The breakout star from last year's season of MAFS had said earlier that it was difficult for her to believe Harrison's emotions were genuine after watching his divisive behaviour on TV.  

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Ella questioned Harrison's intentions in applying for the MAFS, to which Harrison responded that he had actually been approached. Of his reasons for agreeing to appear on the show, the builder said, "If I don't do this now, I might always wonder whether or not the love of my life was on the other side of this opportunity. And then I thought, you know, 'If it doesn't work out, I'll be famous.'"

 While the outspoken Dom and Ella are no strangers to reality TV and the disparity between real life and a highly produced edit, they didn't let Harrison off too easily and called out some of his behaviour towards the women of MAFS, including Melinda Willis and his "wife", Bronte Schofield. However, disappointingly, they seemed to enjoy his commentary on the latter, with Dom even commending Harrison on his nasal, vaguely misogynistic Bronte impression. 

"She's like a D-list, wants to be on Home and Away," Domenica said of Bronte at one point.

Commenters on Instagram are claiming this podcast interview changed their perspective on the controversial Harrison, who has before now been accused, both on MAFS and on social media, of gaslighting his partner and the other participants on the show. We, however, remain unconvinced of his sincerity. 


One thing's for sure - we'll be on the edge of our seats as the reportedly explosive reunion airs on Sunday night on Channel Nine!