Abbie Chatfield confirms breakup with Konrad Bien-Stephen

Written by Hanna Sloan

She confirmed the news via Instagram Story this evening.

Abbie Chatfield has taken to Instagram Stories this evening to confirm her split from Konrad Bien-Stephen.


Abbie Chatfield took to Instagram Stories to confirm her split from Konrad Bien-Stephen after ten months.

The news comes after weeks of media speculation, rumours swirling, and comments under her Instagram posts asking where Konrad was and whether the pair were still together after he noticeably stopped appearing in Abbie's posts and stories. 


"No one did anything bad or awful, there's no drama to it. It's not because we were in an open relationship," the star asserted, shutting down unkind conjecture and going on to condemn reactions to the rumours. "The glee people have, like it's a game...is quite f*****d". 


Chatfield gave pop culture podcast The Spill a shout-out for their segment on "gotcha culture" and the microscopic examination of her relationship status of late.

Chatfield and Bien-Stephen began dating in November 2021 and went public with their open relationship earlier this year, shedding light on ethical non-monogamy and unwittingly becoming the subjects of numerous articles and Instagram comments claiming that such an arrangement could not be a valid relationship. It would appear that the pair was in fact very much in love and, although we may feel sad that they have split, their open agreement seems to have had no bearing on the outcome.


"We dated for ten months, it was great, and then we broke up for pretty normal reasons."


Our hearts go out to Abbie and Konrad as they navigate their breakup privately and fend off a veritable storm of unsolicited opinions on why they split.