Head of Household – Nicole Franzel

Do you remember the winner of Big Brother 2018? Yes, it is Nicole Franzel, a well-known personality from the American television. Born and brought up in Ubly, Michigan, Nicole graduated and became an ER nurse in the year 2014. Along with this, she also proved herself as the best actress by acting in popular shows like The Bold and The Beautiful, The Revengers, and many more.

Nicole Ann Franzel, born on 30th of June, 1992, to the lovely couple Jennifer and Dave Franzel who proved to be a great inspiration for her. This small-town girl developed a keen passion for activities and sports during her childhood, for which she was boosted by her parents too. Nicole primarily began her career as an ER nurse after completing graduation. Since her childhood, she had a dream of entering the house of Big Brother, and her dream turned out to be a reality when she actually stepped in the live show in the year 2014.

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Nicole’s journey in Big Brother 16

On participating in Big Brother 16, Nicole was declared as one of the youngest contestants. Her application for the show was in the form of super-fan of the show. The show brought a good level of reputation for her, as she also proved to be a potential competitor for the rest of the participants. During the season, she won the role of Head of Household nearly 3 times, giving out the fair and tough competition. Along with this, she also performed well and gained safety from eviction in the Battle of the Block competition. Nicole took a step ahead when she was declared as the third member on the 56th day of the jury.

However, even after such a successful journey of 62 days in the house, she was sent back home on the 63rd day after winning the challenge that took place among Jocasta, Zach, and Hayden. Nicole after elimination was re-voted 6th time as the 5th member of the jury, and as a fellow guest during the finale with Derrick Levasseur. During the finale, she was also declared as the highest vote receiver as America’s Favorite Houseguest with Zach Rance and Donny Thompson.

After participating in Big Brother 16, Nicole also participated in another live game show, The Bold and The Beautiful in the year 2014.

Nicole’s re-appearance in Big Brother 18

Nicole’s performance in Big Brother 16 was quite appreciated by the audience, and this was the main reason she returned to the game show in the year 2016, to participate in Big Brother 18. Her companions from previous seasons included Da’Vonne and James from 17 and Frank from 14. Similar to the last season she participated, Franzel rocked the show this time too by earning the position of Head of Household 2 times. She also was successful in grabbing the Power of Veto twice during the show.

This time, Nicole entered with a strategy to avoid aggressive moments in the house due to which she was eliminated in the Big Brother 16, which proved to be helpful for her to stand till the finale in this season. When the last four survived in the house, Nicole was nominated along with Corey Brooks however she survived as she was selected to stay in the competition over Brooks by James Huling. Then, she stepped into the Finale, the final part of the season, after winning the Final Head of the Houseguest position. After this, no doubt, she lost the position of the final Head of the Household, as Paul Abrahamian was selected; she still gained success in getting the position of final two in the house after Paul chose Nicole over Huling. Finally, after getting votes from her fellow Houseguests Natalie Negrotti, Brooks, Zakiya Everette, Paulie Califiore, and Da’Vonne Rogers, she finally was crowned as the winner over Abrahamian. Along with the crown, she was also declared as the first female who defeated the male houseguest, which created a history.

Nicole’s personal life

Nicole comes up with a classy lifestyle that is full of fun. When asked to describe her in three adjectives, she mentioned flirty, classy, and nerdy, which reveals her naughty side as well. Her list of favorite activities includes shopping, eating, cuddling, hanging out with friends, playing pranks on people, and studies too. She is a fan of Wallpics (photo boards where are depicted the best moment of life), one of her walls is completely hung with them. Her fears include heights and operations topping the list. The list also brings ghosts and sharks in the fear section.

Nicole’s ex-boyfriend was Hayden Voss, with whom she remained in news from 2014 to 2016.

When it comes to the love life of Nicole, she is currently dating with one of the houseguests from a different season of Big Brother. Yes, we are talking about Victor Arroyo, who was the contestant in Big Brother 18. Their love story began during the premiere of Big Brother 19 when both joined for some clicks in New York. They became friends during the season 19 of Big Brother after which they both talked and went through each other’s life as an open book before they started dating each other. They finally declared their relationship, adding the shifting talks about Victor from New Orleans to Michigan where Nicole is living. There are a number of couple clicks available on Instagram of the couple, which reveals the beautiful bond they are sharing.

Nicole Franzel is a personality that stands with an amazing confidence level, along with smart thinking and strategy building capabilities, which helped her in winning the Big Brother show. She also remains in touch with the social media through networking sites like Twitter and Instagram, where she manages a huge crowd of followers and to remain connected with them. Very few know that Nicole comes with a golden heart, as well as, she is adventurous too. With politeness in her nature, she comes up with complete dedication and focuses on her work, whether it is a minor task or major. According to her, she gains this mental strength from her parents along with their support which also helps her in getting that desired tough personality to beat in competitions.