The Perfect Casino Royal Style Outfit for Gambling & Going Out in Las Vegas

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Whilst any gambling fan may know the beauty of sitting in their pyjamas and playing various video mobile slots from home, there’s only one place in the world where the thrill of the casino meets glitz and glamour – Las Vegas of course.

Sin City, as it’s sometimes called, is famous for its mega casinos and hotel resorts, as well as it’s variety of shows, great nights out and wacky attractions. All of these make Vegas the perfect destination for a holiday, which is why the city receives so many tourists every year.

So, you’ve booked your tickets and your about to jet away, there’s only one question left. What kinds of clothes do you pack? Read on to find out exactly what to wear for a memorable night out in Las Vegas.

Casino and Club Dress Codes

Although the days of needing to be suited and booted to visit casinos are over, many of the most popular casinos and clubs in Vegas still impose some form of dress code. In our opinion, these dress codes make everything all the more exciting, as it’s the perfect excuse to get dressed up and go out in style.’
Almost all Vegas nightclubs and casinos will tell you that you can’t wear any of the following inside the venue:

  • Caps and Beanies
  • Trainers or work boots
  • Shorts
  • Football shirts and jerseys
  • Baggy jeans or tracksuit trousers

These rules are generally aimed towards men. Women can get away with making much more personal fashion choices, there’s just one rule of thumb; aim to look like you’ve put a bit of effort in.

A Perfect Vegas Outfit

As we’ve already mentioned, Vegas is the perfect place to dress up and have a night out in style. If you’re stuck for fashion ideas, however, fear not as we’ve got some great Vegas fashion advice for you.


Most men in Vegas will wear a button up shirt and some for of fitted trouser. You needn’t put a whole tuxedo on, yet you do want to look smart.

In our opinion, men can’t go wrong with dark coloured chinos, a fitted cotton shirt and dress shoes. If your struggling to find something, check out online shops such as Zara and ASOS for fashion forward yet affordable pieces.

Men also shouldn’t be afraid of being a little more out there than they may be at home. Whilst our look is rather classic, Vegas is an accepting place. If you want to inject a little bit more personality into your look, why not try a coloured blazer or a funkier shirt?


Women have it slightly easier than men in Vegas, as no one really likes to restrict female fashion choices. That being said, if you don’t want to feel out of place, you should dress to impress.

Vegas is the perfect place for trying out new fashion ideas, so long as you feel comfortable. Whilst sometimes we may associate Vegas with evening gowns and old school glamour, these days most women will opt for a short dress, heels and a clutch. This is a classic going out look, but don’t be scared of rocking something a little more unique too.

In recent years, jumpsuits have made a comeback, and these are the perfect choice for women who don’t want to wear a dress. Find yourself a colourful, tailored jumpsuit, add some strappy sandals or pumps and your go to go.