How to Look Good at Work

There’s an old song that goes a little something like this: “lucky me, I work eight hours, I sleep eight hours, that leaves eight hours for fun…”


For most of us, we focus on looking and feeling our best during the eight hours of fun, without spending much time on the eight hours of work part. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could look good for all 16 waking hours? Even if you work outdoors, there’s no excuse. For example, follow the link to FXD Australia and check out ways to look your best when you’re working hard in the great outdoors. Otherwise, let’s look at some overlooked tips.


It all starts with skincare

If you’re more than aware that your on-the-job appearance leaves much to be desired, you probably came to that conclusion by first looking at your face in the mirror. Dehydrated, thin skin that is patchy, powdery, and uneven will let you down in the fashion stakes faster than any bizarre shoes or mismatched summer cardigans ever will.

You won’t enjoy hearing it, but two litres of water per day and a regular sleep routine can help you to wind back the years and start to look more like the you that got the job in the first place, rather than you after four years at the same desk surviving on six coffees per hour. Invest in a quality moisturiser. Drink more water. Wear sunscreen. Get some rest. Never have more obvious yet wise words been spoken.


Sort your hair out if it’s been a while

Most people, at some stage in their lives, begin to dabble with cutting their own hair. The problem is that we can’t keep up with the speed at which our hair grows. If you don’t book regular sessions with your stylist, you’re going to end up standing in the mirror one Sunday evening with a pair of scissors in one hand thinking, “Right, just a little off the tips, that’s all, just to freshen it up a bit, nothing major”.

Only to find yourself standing in the same spot 20 minutes later having taken more than just the tips, leaving you looking anything but fresh - it is most definitely now a major incident.

Hairstyles and shades are personal. Some people like pink or blue hair despite being over the age of 11. Some people like short hair even though they’ve been told a million times how perfectly their curly locks frame their face. We’re all just doing our best. Whatever your best is, stay on top of it. A period longer than three months without attending to your hair is not recommended.


What to wear

Fitted. Fitted. Fitted.

We know. You can’t wear fitted clothes until you lose the extra weight you gained over several festive seasons’ worth of indulging. If that’s the case, look at your diet, take up walking or biking, and set realistic weight loss goals of just under a kilo per week (around 2lbs).

Fitted is best. Loose and baggy clothes scream you’ve given in. Be comfortable with your size and wear clothes that do more than just hang off you.