How to Take a Selfie Like a Celebrity


The selfie craze has become an integral element of today’s society. This has also caught the attention of the world’s celebrities, like Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez, who have perfected the art of taking selfies. But how exactly do they manage to take such flawless selfies?
This is a question you might be asking yourself in a bid to join in the fun and post your picture on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. If this is your wish, you are in luck since this article discusses the tips and tricks that will help you take better selfies. By using these techniques, you will have an easier time taking high-quality pictures that will get you lots of likes and followers.


Lighting Is Vital

When taking a selfie, one of the essential factors to keep in mind is lighting. The reason for this is that good lighting plays a remarkable role in complementing your skin tone, bringing out your personality, and beautifying the background.
As light is a free commodity, you should not hold back on taking full advantage of it. The ideal location to take selfies is outside while basking in the sun’s rays. If you are indoors, then turn towards the window for natural light rather than facing the television or computer screen.
Good lighting helps brighten your smile, and this further improves the quality of your picture. It also helps in completely doing away with shadows and under-eye circles.


Your Background Matters

Another way to take the ideal selfie is to make sure that you have an exciting background. Therefore, never take your selfies in a messy and untidy environment. This is crucial as your surroundings can either hinder or improve your composition. Because of this, you should opt for complex settings or simple backgrounds as they enhance the quality of your selfies.


Make Use of Appropriate Filters

Using filters makes selfies appear more desirable as it helps the colors to pop. There are many filters available both on Google Play Store and iOS App Store that you can use to enhance the picture quality. When choosing an app, select one that assists you in creating outstanding black-and-white pictures and has a broad range of color options.
However, while using filters is useful to enrich the quality of your selfies, you should not overdo it. This is because you still want the photo to look somewhat natural, which can be ruined by adding too many filters.


Understand Your Angles

While everybody’s face is different, tucking your chin downwards and keeping the camera up does an excellent job of making the selfie seem flawless. As you take a selfie, make sure your phone’s bottom level is on the same level as your eyes. You can also use a selfie stick, as it does a remarkable job of making your face look slimmer and more elegant.
The ideal angles, however, vary from one person to another. Therefore, you should experiment a lot and try to find an angle that suits you best, but in most cases a higher angle is the way to go.


Make Sure to Smile

Nothing lights up a selfie like a genuine smile. Besides, it’s relatively straightforward to spot a forced smile, so that simply won’t do the trick. You should think of something that cheers you up, like an amusing image, a fond memory, or a funny joke. If you do this, then your facial features will match your state of mind.




Take Lots of Pictures

Practice makes perfect, and the same principle applies if you are looking to learn how to take a good selfie. The best solution, in this case, would be to take a lot more selfies. By doing this, you will become more comfortable with your appearance in pictures, and learn ways to get the desired look.
This happens because the more you become accustomed to taking selfies, the more natural it will feel over time. You will then start having fun and feel confident about being yourself while taking selfies. After a while, your photos will look as outstanding as those of celebrities such as Kylie Jenner.


Look Up Towards Your Camera

This is also another way to take a good selfie that you need to try out. While looking up towards the camera, you should try to make your eyes look bigger while raising your eyebrows. As you do this, think of something that makes you happy to bring out a genuine smile that will brighten up your photo.


Try Using a Timer

Are you still trying to perfect the art of taking a good selfie? Then you must know how challenging it can be to try to hold the camera at a suitable angle, particularly when your arms are fully stretched. You also need to pose, smile, and hit the shutter button, something which can be quite confusing at first.
However, there is no need to worry as you can take an excellent selfie by making use of the timer. This is very helpful because you are no longer required to concentrate on the shutter button. Additionally, it will minimize blur as well as assist you to steadily hold your phone or camera.


Don't Overthink

Taking a selfie should be all about having fun and enjoying yourself. So do not overthink everything you do while taking a selfie, or you might end up ruining the entire experience by looking too serious in your photo. For instance, if it takes you an hour to do your makeup or decide the appropriate position, then you are overthinking everything.
Instead, you should simply relax, and the subsequent selfie will look superb and more natural, and also require less effort.


Change Your Shoulder Placement

This is also a superb way of making sure that you take good selfies. When taking the photo, make sure to place your shoulders parallel to the camera. You can choose to either turn them slightly to the right or to the left to check which side looks best.


Snap Away!

Celebrities across the globe have perfected the art of taking selfies. You will not be left behind if you simply implement the tips mentioned above. Consequently, your pictures will receive more likes and you'll start getting more followers, and become the envy of your friends and colleagues.