Fashion Weekly Reads: Growing Pineapples in the Outback

Welcome to Fashion Weekly Reads, our all-new series of book reviews and recommendations for your next must-read. Today’s review is of Growing Pineapples in the Outback, a 2020 work of non-fiction by Rebecca Lister and Tony Kelly. Read on to hear from guest reviewer Gry Risla:


Growing Pineapples in the Outback is a work of non-fiction by Rebecca Lister and husband Tony Kelly.

It speaks volumes of their relationship that Tony, without hesitation, suggested they up stumps and move to Rebecca’s hometown when they learn how ill and dependent her mother, Diana, has become. Embracing Diana, all grace and stoic demeanor, they simultaneously embrace the gritty lifestyle this rough diamond of a mining town offers. The duo takes stock of the direction of their own careers, friendships and family connections, cementing what is important and what can slide. Like stiff little pieces of a jigsaw when the puzzle is brand new, they all find a way to fit together in Diana’s modest suburban house, taking turns to cook, run errands and navigate the crescendo of medical appointments. Somehow, in the midst of searing heat, flies and prickly locals, a garden thrives, including the ubiquitous pineapples. Love blossoms and Diana, in the spectacular outback sunset of her long and remarkable life, is afforded a most fitting and dignified send-off. Readers everywhere, you’ll be transported to a place nostalgic and warm and you will sit back in that banana lounge and ponder your relationships with your elders.


Pick up a copy of Growing Pineapples in the Outback here, or wherever you buy your books.