Comparing fashion trends in a casino: movies vs reality

What to wear to a casino

Online casinos such as those that can be found on have made it much easier for people to play casinos games. As a result, there has also been an increased interest in land based casinos, which are perfect for a night out. For many people, their first experience of a night out at a casino would be from some movies which would depict the casino as quite glamorous with patrons dressed to the nines. This portrayal is actually quite different than the reality of real life.

In movie scenes involving casinos, women are typically clad in elegant evening gowns. In many cases these gowns are accessorised with jewels and perhaps faux fur coats. Men are dressed just as fancy in tuxedos. The James Bond movie, Casino Royale, is an excellent example of this. James Bond is decked out in a tux with classic cuts and detailed finishes. One of the women pictured at Bond’s table is in a beaded green evening gown along with a diamond and emerald necklace. While these costumes work great for the movies, they really do not give people a real glimpse into the reality of casino fashion.

Most casinos prefer a dress code along the lines of a business casual look which is vastly different from what we seen in Casino Royale. A good way to describe this look is to take a casual clothing item and pair it with items that are more appropriate for the office. For instance, a pair of jeans in good repair is perfectly acceptable if worn with a classic blazer and perhaps a turtleneck. A silk blouse and heels could also be another option. Men also can dress in a casual manner. Sport jackets with casual slacks are popular. However, a tie is not required.

While this is a general idea of what most casinos accept in regards to dress, it is a smart idea to contact the casino prior to your evening out. Either their website or a phone call to the casino can help you determine exactly what that venue expects.