Which swimsuit matches your body type?

Understand how to accentuate your attributes, and be comfortable everywhere

Purchasing swimwear can be a daunting prospect for even the most confident woman. It can be confronting, confusing and downright embarrassing when you’re trapped in a changing room and can’t tell from the tiny square of fabric which is the front or back.

However, buying a new poolside or beachside bathing suit doesn’t have to be such a journey – we can help you can pick the best piece for your needs every time.

To start, consider some of the physical features that you would love to showcase on your sunny escape.

Shapely figure

Ladies can really school the pool with beautifully detailed high-waisted briefs and a shaped full-cup bikini top. High-waisted briefs that reach past the belly button will cinch the waist and flatten the silhouette. For tops, look at structured – maybe even retro-styled – cuts with sweetheart necklines to add some finesse to your summer style.

If a bikini is not your thing, there are gorgeous one-pieces that can suit even the pickiest beachside babe. Look for styles that sweep in at the waist with ruching, and a deeper neckline for a younger feel.

Generous bust or butt

If you have a large bust, opt for swimsuits that offer full cups and underwire support to give your bosoms some shape. Stay away from string bikinis, as they offer no support and may cut into your skin. To flatter your figure further, look for bikini tops with slightly wider straps.

Similarly, if you have a pert, rounded butt, try and swap out string or high-cut bottoms for a more solid panel that will keep you comfortable all summer long.

Understand how to accentuate your attributes, and be comfortable everywhere

Flat tummy

To draw attention to your enviable abs, a smart halter neck bikini and unfussy low-rise brief is your way to go. The halter neck will enhance your bust, slim your shoulders and draw the eye down.

Alternatively, consider a colourful strapless bikini and low boy-leg brief. Both items are incredibly flattering on a toned figure, encouraging the eye toward your midsection.


If you want to showcase all your hard work and emphasise your curves, you will fall in love with bright patterns, full cup bras, intricate string bikinis and bottoms with ruffles. String bikinis aren’t like how your mother used to know them either – these can now come with gorgeous detailing across the chest and key-hole backs for a demure yet sexy style.

If you want to tone down your athleticism, don’t be afraid to look at a one-piece with a high-cut to lengthen your strong legs and create a more hourglass silhouette.

Understand how to accentuate your attributes, and be comfortable everywhere

If you have areas that you’d like to minimise

A swimming suit can do more than just make you look gorgeous, it can help conceal some of the things that you don’t want on display.

Scars: Cropped tops and tankinis can put you at ease and add to your beauty without making you feel like you’re missing out at the beach. Being sun-smart is definitely gaining popularity, so you needn’t feel like you’re missing out on a great time with a little extra cover.

Lumps and bumps: Nothing says ‘summer’ like sarong. Put these brightly patterned fabrics to good use when you’re out of the water to protect you against the sun and to keep prying eyes at bay. When in the water, consider a longer tankini that skims down toward your thighs to lengthen your torso and flatter your tummy.

Back rolls: Definitely look for swimsuits that offer wider straps, and even consider opting for cinched one-pieces. A simple one-piece will skim over any extra rolls, and with a flattering cut can create a tighter waist and longer thigh.

Enjoying a beautiful beachside or poolside getaway could be just a swimsuit away, so why not take a look at what you can stun with this summer.

Thanks to our friends from Bendon Lingerie for this post.