Tips to Style your Prom Look

The word 'prom' brings about a dozen of emotions, doesn’t it? It is one of the best and most looked forward to celebrations of high school. You are confused as to where you can get the best party dress from and how you can style it in a nice way. The anxiety to look your very best and the struggle throughout the preps are real. However, we will be helping you out in this process. After years of endless study stress, great and bad friendships, joy and tears and much more, your prom night is one of the most thrilling events.

Girls have a lot of teen drama rom-coms that have expanded their visions about the perfect prom look. And well, we all need to be geared up to look our best. Thus, we have summed up some of the best tips that can help you with choosing your prom dresses and styling them impeccably well. Let’s begin.




1. Face structure helps in deciding the style:

This might sound weird but your faceline can help you a lot in deciding the type of prom dress you have to take or the way you have to style it. For instance, girls with long hair look their best in up-swept hair. Moreover, if your hair has some volume, it will look great. Likewise, it helps you decide the neckline that you feel comfortable with. People with a stronger jawline carry different necklines well and people with chubby faces look their best in a different one. It really depends on what you are comfortable carrying well and whatever suits you the best. Therefore, keep your face structure into consideration while buying your dress and even whilst deciding a hairstyle.

2. Makeup decisions:

Makeup decisions can be pretty tricky as it is dependent on different factors. Thus, you have to have a look in your mind. Research well before deciding the makeup look you want to achieve. Go through Pinterest and flip pages of different magazines to get inspiration. It is best if you have decided your prom dress beforehand and it will help you narrow down your makeup research. What are your favourite makeup looks? And what goes well with your prom look, that you are wishing to achieve. Do you love loud makeup or do you like minimal looks? Keep everything into consideration before making your pick.

3. Pick the right jewellery:

Without the right pieces of accesories, you can never pull off a stunning look of your prom dress. To style it to perfection, you need to make sure that you choose the right jewellery that compliments it as well. The right jewelry piece depends on your dress style. This is similar to deciding on the hairstyle; you have to keep the dress in mind. For example, long earrings look great with clean neckline dresses or a lower neckline too. On the other hand, if the top of the dress has a lot of details, then you need to go with stud type earrings; skip the long ones.

An elegant and simple bracelet adds to the delicacy of your outlook. Likewise, keep it simple with the rings too. A statement ring would be enough. A lot of rings are not in style anymore. Minimalistic hand jewellery is great. But the trickiest thing in jewellery is the necklace. Necklaces can add to your look or even ruin the complete outlook too. This is why a lot of people prefer bare skin around the neck. It is best to be careful whilst doing so.

4. Add the right bag/purse:

Once you are done with the accessories, hairstyle and you know what you want to look like; it is time to add the last piece of accessory and that is the right bag. Just like the right pair of shoes can make your look complete; an elegant purse or bag can enhance your final outlook majorly. Small clutches are extremely in fashion. But you need to keep in mind that you are trying to put a formal look together. Large bags are not a good bet for prom nights. Tote bags don’t go with party and prom dresses. Explore through the best clutches and make sure that you keep it elegant and delicate.


Prom won’t come around every year. Thus, you must spend some time and put in effort to create a look that is worth it. You don’t want to turn up, looking like a mess, do you? Whether you have a date for prom or not; you must look your best and enjoy this night. It is certainly one of the most memorable nights of your high school.


Submitted by a guest poster.