Timeless Fashion: 5 Trends That Will Never Go Out of Style

Words: Alana King


While fashion trends come, go, and come back around like a carousel, some trends will forever remain current in the wardrobe.

Now, while you may clean out or rearrange your closet to suit each season, much like milk, eggs and bread are to your kitchen pantry, there are a certain group of items that are staples and that are always good for you to have on hand.

Hence, here are my five staple trends that will never go out of style.

A Designer Bag For a Great Price

While one can argue a vanity purchase, one thing that will always be in style is a designer handbag.

Whether leather or velvet, satchel or shoulder strap, a woman's handbag is something that suits any style.

Besides, with growing popularity, you don't have to spend the designer price to get the designer look.

You can purchase many lovely Louis Vuitton bags that are in good condition, second hand for half of the retail price, and who doesn't love saving some money?

A Decent Pair of Jeans

Whether you're city or country, classy or casual, since their rise in popularity in 1950s Americana, the classic pair of denim jeans is something that nearly everyone has had in their wardrobe.

From a flared bootleg to the "boyfriend" skinny jean, these classics will fit any style of outfit, matching with anything from a tank top to a comfortable hoodie.

If you can find them, a vintage pair of Levi Strauss Original 501s will make every curve look glorious.

A Good Blazer

It doesn't matter if you pair it with a plain black t-shirt or your nicest light blouse and matched with a knee-length skirt or dress slacks, a blazer can turn your casual attire into an outfit that is proper, but not entirely formal.

This is one of the garments that make a mark on the dress code of "smart casual."

So whether a work dinner or that important meeting, this classy jacket is a great way to say "professional" without the need for black tie attire.

Gabrielle's Glamorous Garment

While on the subject of 'black tie attire ', I think it would be criminal not to mention the garment that made Gabrielle Chanel an icon to women and whose design earned its own acronym.

I speak of course of the little black dress or "LBD". This classic number should be a staple in any woman's wardrobe.

It doesn't matter if it's long or short, petite or plus, as long as you feel you can wear Coco's other main accessory - a smile - that's what truly matters.

The Trusty Trench Coat

Whether it's a wet day, or you just wear it to complete your perfect winter outfit, pairing the trusty trench or overcoat alongside some great ankle boots or heels can lift an outfit.

Not only does the trench coat adapt to the ever-changing temperatures in the cool autumn and winter months, but it also has the ability of other practical functions whilst allowing for easy movement and a stylish look.

Whilst highly popular as part of uniforms for the British and French soldiers during the First World War, the trench coat has origins as far back as 1823.

With waterproofing and length long enough to safeguard even the best suit, a military necessity has now become a fashion must-have.


While trends may change, there is always room in your wardrobe for the classic, and remember, match with a nice tee or sexy shoes, and these can all combine to make a great outfit.